£119,000 funding to support independent care sector in Kirklees and enable more joined-up working

£119,000 funding to support independent care sector in Kirklees and enable more joined-up working

In addition, the cash will be utilized to form an organization structure for the Kirklees Care Association and to support two years of operating costs.

A ₤ 119,000 investment in the Kirklees Care Association will support the care house market. The association will supply the independent care sector with a single, strong voice in the market, allowing better working relations with the council, CCG and Kirklees Integrated Care System (ICS).

Kirklees Council is joining forces with NHS Kirklees Medical Commissioning Group (CCG) to support the independent care sector in Kirklees.

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James Creegan, Chair of the Kirklees Care Association said: “The Kirklees Care Association started as a group of care providers teaming up on concerns that faced all of us and we have worked relentlessly during the pandemic to ensure that the voice of the independent social care sector was heard and listened to.


A strong Kirklees Care Association will supply chances to work differently and will motivate and support care quality advancement and management across the sector. This consists of developing partnerships, sector-wide digital developments and system support along with improving joint working on personnel recruitment, development, training and retention.

” By acting now, we are trying to avoid additional damage to an already fragile independent market in the borough. We need to support our local companies so that they can continue to provide great quality look after some of our most susceptible residents in Kirklees.”

” The financial investment being made will permit us to take our development to the next level and broaden assistance and partnership working chances across a much wider variety of suppliers.

” The funding likewise acknowledges the reality the council and CCG see the value of having a tactical partner representing the company sector, and that improvements and developments can only be made “with” and not “to” the care sector. Together we will work to ensure that the most susceptible people in our neighborhood of Kirklees continue to receive the highest quality care and assistance possible.”

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Councillor Musarrat Khan, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “I am happy that we are supporting social care companies in the independent sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has actually had a significant effect throughout Kirklees, and we understand that longer term national reform is needed to sustain the care sector.