£16.25m ringfenced funding for councils to bolster adult social care workforce

£16.25m ringfenced funding for councils to bolster adult social care workforce

Minister for Care Gillian Keegan

The fund becomes part of a series of measures in the brief- and longer-term to support social care and make sure there is the ideal number of personnel with the skills to provide top quality care to meet increasing demands.

Local authorities across England will soon have the ability to access the fund based on their need, helping to enhance the number of people working in adult social care and supporting those already operating in the sector to continue to provide premium care.

The adult social care sector is set to take advantage of ₤ 162.5 countless brand-new UK Government funding to assist workforce retention and recruitment.

Available until the end of March 2022, the new ring-fenced financing will support local authorities dealing with providers to hire staff. It will also be readily available to assist retain the existing workforce– through overtime payments and staff banks of people prepared to operate in social care– and will offer more capability to support their health and wellness through occupational health.

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” This funding will help care providers maintain and hire staff, supporting both those currently making a difference while generating new coworkers to assist. Everybody should have to be taken care of with dignity and respect. This financing, along with our larger reforms, will bring us closer to a world-leading social care system.”

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Reacting to the multi-pound-million financing statement, Cathie Williams, Chief Executive of ADASS, commented: “In the added to what promises to be an incredibly hard winter, it is essential to know that we set out to Government the requirement for an extra ₤ 1.5 billion to stabilise the supply of care and assistance, including the vital workforce, and ₤ 1.5 billion to support unpaid carers.

The UK Government has likewise devoted to advance white papers on adult social care reform and combination this year.

Minister for Care Gillian Keegan said: “The social care workforce has actually delivered premium care in the most difficult scenarios over the previous 18 months– revealing true commitment and professionalism– and I cant thank them enough.

However, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has said that while this latest funding boost is welcome, it does not go far enough which ₤ 1.5 billion is needed to stabilise the adult social care workforce.


In the longer term, the Health and Social Care Levy will see a total of ₤ 5.4 billion purchased adult social care– including ₤ 500 million for staff training to lower staff turnover and enable carers to attain recognised credentials together with their daily work.

” This extra financing is extremely welcome, however it is not sufficient and equates to around ₤ 100 per care employee. We wait for the promised Winter Plan and the upcoming Spending Review for additional information of how the promises of long-term solutions will be satisfied; so that the committed, caring and bold people operating in social care feel valued and rewarded, household carers are supported and those people with care and support are made it possible for to live good lives.”

Throughout the pandemic, over ₤ 6 billion has been provided to regional authorities to attend to pressures on their services, including social care.

Just recently, the federal government unveiled ₤ 400 million in funding to help the adult social care sector handle winter season pressures, COVID-19 and influenza.