17 of the best assistive tech innovations for OTs to see at the OT Show 2021

17 of the best assistive tech innovations for OTs to see at the OT Show 2021

Taking place from 24th-25th November 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham, the OT Program is an annual exhibition for physical therapists (OTs). It offers them the possibility to find new assistive innovations from exhibitors, get CPD-accredited experience by attending workshops and lectures, and network with other OTs.

Below, AT Today has actually highlighted 17 of the finest assistive technology innovations to see at the OT Show 2021.

One of the main destinations for attending OTs at the OT Show is to find brand-new assistive technologies for their customers. From bespoke seating alternatives and home adjustment services to press care innovations and telecare improvements, the exhibit is a possibility to find out more about life-altering gadgets that make it possible for individuals to live individually.

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1. Geberit AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet

Through increased understanding of the item and user requirements, OTs are able to take a holistic approach to user requirements and advise a series of items that work together to boost user experience.

The Geberit AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet provides dignity and independence in the restroom, minimizing stress and anxiety and increasing self-confidence.

Geberit will be showing the product at the show together with supplying a guide to equipment compatibility.

For a substantial variety of individuals throughout the UK, the truth is that a daily task such as utilizing the toilet can be something theyre unable to do alone and with dignity. When it pertains to bathroom adaptions, shower toilets are often described as a lifeline, permitting individuals to live at house with very little extra assistance.

Stand D55

2. GripAble

GripAble is a digital, mobile platform that allows people to separately plan and track their own upper limb rehab. The portable gadget links to an app on a tablet and can be utilized remotely or face-to-face with a therapist, with engaging and inspiring training activities that are created to bring fun to the day-to-day grind of hand and arm rehab.

GripAble is extremely sensitive, so even the smallest movement, or grip strength, can be detected and equated into customised care. Users get real-time feedback and therapists can track and report on all activity.

Stand E36

3. Winncare Mangar Eagle

Winncare will be providing its new Mangar Eagle from stand E10, as the most recent safe patient lift in the Mangar lifting cushion range OTs who are used to recommending the Camel and ELK will find the Eagle, which lifts up to 35 stone, a terrific mix of the two.

Stand E10

The footprint of the Eagle is 25 percent smaller than the Camel but still includes an integrated back-rest. The back-rest supports the head and shoulders of the fallen individual throughout a lift and makes it simple for the carer to lift with very little support– truly single-handed care. Additionally, the brand-new design makes it really simple to fold under the fallen person and so it can be utilized in tight spaces.

4. Closomat Vita range.

At the OT Show 2021, Closomat will be showcasing its Vita range, which it thinks is the supreme in wash & & dry toilets.

Stand J42

It assures a powerful, efficient jet of warm water that permits maximum viability across a large range of user requirements. Distinctively, Closomats range of douche arms provide a vertical jet of water, ensuring it is directed precisely where the user needs it.

The Vita variety is the conclusion of over 60 years of development, advancement and improvement. Closomat states that at the heart of its toilets is the cleaning and drying experience: the most effective offered in the UK, according to the business.

5. BES Healthcare Aergo PS

Stand G26

The Aergo PS assists keep kids supported and in a healthier position, enhancing their day-to-day lives. BES Healthcares friendly team will be ready to demonstrate this ingenious seating system on stand G26.

The Aergo PS enables therapists to provide remote care via the PS Web Portal, and the PS App enables children to be more independent, allowing users and carers to set the ideal position with a couple of taps.

BES Healthcare will present the Aergo PS at the OT Show 2021– the worlds very first fully responsive postural management seating system. Using clever air cell technology, Aergo PS youths who require postural assistance back in control, so they can feel independent and comfortable wherever they go, whatever they do.

6. Arjo Carendo ®.

The chairs Care Raiser function raises the residents lower body to enable access for carrying out discreet hygiene jobs while maintaining their self-respect.

Carendo is designed to allow a single caretaker to carry out a health routine, including undressing and dressing, toileting, showering and other hygiene jobs, in a single transfer.

The Carendo multipurpose hygiene chair from Arjo helps with an effective health and showering routine within a single transfer while allowing a comfy working posture for the caretaker.

Carendo has been revealed to lead to caregivers embracing approximately 77 percent neutral back positions throughout hygiene tasks, compared to just 48 percent when washing an individual in the bed (Source: Knibbe JJ, Knibbe NE & & Heitink DEBL (2016 )).

Stand D05.

The Carendo got a Dementia Services Development Centre Product Accreditation Rating of Class 1B from the University of Stirling, in relation to its design principles and functionality within a dementia-inclusive environment.

7. Apex Medical Pro Care Turn Continuous Lateral Turning Mattress System.

Its micro-low air loss system help skin reperfusion and improves circulation, all important to reduce the danger of those susceptible persons at house. Couple all of these parts with an extremely peaceful pump and the user can enjoy a comfortable, peaceful and safe nights sleep. The addition of heel relief function on the end 5 cells suggests that unloading can be quickly handled for a variety of user heights.

For those people needing pressure location care and assistance with respiratory conditions, such as postural drainage, the Pro Care Turn mattress system from Apex Medical allows continuous lateral turning treatment through three positions (10/20/30 degrees) with alternating therapy, continuous low pressure and seat inflate functions as an all-in-one system.

Stand F30.

8. Komodo Chair.

The Komodo Hygiene six-in-one completely electric chair facilitates an effective health routine within a single transfer while providing itself to single-handed care. It includes a tilt-in area shower chair, commode, electric variable height, stand helps, fits over a basic size toilet, and works with select wet/dry toilets.

By housing 6 items in one, it minimizes the quantity of devices within the home. The reduction in equipment and transition to single-handed care lead to an impressive payback period.

The Komodo Chair benefits users by promoting self-reliance and self-respect and the caregiver by lowering the variety of transfers, being lightweight and completely electronic. The motion is run by an easy to use, easy-to-use remote.

Stand B33.

9. Pivotell automatic tablet dispensers.

The dispensers are utilized mainly by individuals with poor memory, such as those with Alzheimers and dementia, they likewise benefit clients with conditions including Parkinsons, psychological health problems, learning difficulties, physical difficulties, clients with long-term medical conditions who have to take lots of various tablets per day, as well as partially spotted and blind people.

Pivotell products are extensively used by health and social care professionals as part of a care bundle for susceptible older individuals and those with discovering problems who have problem remembering to take their medication.

Stand C60.

Pivotell automatic pill dispensers and reminders frequently lead to improved health, more independence and a much better lifestyle.

10. Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions Gemini 2000.

It provides additional bathing area so the developing requirements of teenagers, adults and children can be fulfilled. In terms of hygiene effectiveness, the Gemini 2000 includes world-leading BioCote antimicrobial security.

The Gemini 2000 bath, produced by Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, was gone for the 2019 OT Show and won the Excellence in Caring Award, as voted for by a panel of independent physical therapists. Ever since, it has become the first choice for lots of healthcare professionals, households and handicapped bathers seeking a roomy, future-proofed professional bathing option.

Stand C14.

11. Increase & & Recline Infinity variety.

Stand D59.

Both designs provide a broad choice of postural positions. Additional features include removable seat and leg rest wraps for ease of cleansing, five back and arm rest design options, left- or right-sided handset holding loop and carers loop, and an emergency battery back-up. A two-year service warranty on mechanism, motors, handset and transformer with the alternative of an additional five-year assurance care plan is readily available on both designs.

Increase & & Recline will be debuting two brand-new chairs at the OT Show– the Infinity and Infinity Plus, which have maximum user weights of 25 stone and 40 stone, respectively, and offer an extensive variety of tilt-in-space and design options as standard.

12. Polymorit Ardoo 140 Hoist and Stand Aid Combo.

Created to work in compact spaces, the Ardoo Hoist is a great travel buddy for disabled individuals, because, at 23kg, it is the lightest, folding portable hoist worldwide, according to Polymorit. The optional hook-on footplate with sprung knee pad immediately transforms the hoist into a stand help, using greater self-reliance.

This flexible 140kg hoist can be folded in 35 seconds without tools and transported in the boot of a car or the hold of an aeroplane.

The Ardoo 140 Hoist and Stand Aid Combo, now produced by Polymorit in the UK, especially attract OTs whose clients need to be raised for automobile transfers, in between chairs, from bed to toilet, and even from the floor.

Stand F54.

13. Careflex Multiadjust.

The brand-new MultiAdjust from Careflex is an affordable, tool-free, highly adjustable seating system that supplies postural assistance and pressure care without compromising the users convenience.

It includes tilt-in-space, back angle recline and lower limb support, with handbook or motorised alternatives. The MultiAdjust is a perfect option for multiple-user environments and for those who are non-ambulant and semi-ambulant. The modular design, with interchangeable devices, makes it a best fit for community loan shops and a lot of care environments.

Other basic features consist of: a raising leg rest; height-adjustable, angle-adjustable and flip-up footplate; important seat depth and width modification; essential arm rest height change; detachable arm rests; pressure-redistributing Reflexion foam seat cushion; foam back; 4 braked castors; and ash grey upholstery with black vapour-permeable material to contact locations.

Stand A30.

14. Yorkshire Care Equipment Hip Guard.

With integrated movement sensors, the belt uses a confirmed algorithm to analyse the wearers motions over 1,000 times per second. When a fall happens, the algorithm automatically identifies the falling movement in 0.2 seconds. In under 0.8 seconds, the concealed air bag pumps up and surrounds the hip prior to the fallen person hits the flooring.

The outcome is a high-level of shock absorption, which minimizes the risk of hip fractures.

Stand B41.

The fall protection belt, used like a basic belt, utilizes innovative motion analysis, fall detection and air bag technology to protect the user from hip fractures during a fall.

Yorkshire Care Equipment will be showcasing the innovative Hip Guard to OTs, for which it is the unique UK distributor.

15. Ropox QuickWash.

For wheelchair users, the basin can be lowered from its set point by 140mm and out from the wall by 100mm.

Stand B46.

The lowering and raising motion require extremely little effort as it is practically weightless while the series of height adjustment readily available makes sure the basin can be used by anyone. Needing no electrics, the QuickWash is simple to set up and when in the preliminary up position, the 500mm-wide basins forecast off the wall is 530mm and 630mm when reduced.

Ropox will be showcasing the QuickWash basin at the show. The QuickWash is height adjustable and comes forward from the wall, meaning the user does not need to reach or flex from their wheelchair, which can cause a negative impact on their posture.

16. Easy Medical Devices EZ-Lift 300E.

Weighing 12kg, the portable EZ-Lift 300E can transfer wheelchair users of up to 120kg from their wheelchair to a car passenger seat. The system can be installed in nearly any vehicle in around two minutes and requires no modification to the car. The device can be brought in the boot of any vehicle up until it is required. A variety of optional adapters allow this device to likewise be utilized around the house.

Stand E38.

17. Ottobock hand braces and Mollii Suit.

The modular design, with interchangeable accessories, makes it a best fit for neighborhood loan shops and the majority of care environments.

The backrest supports the head and shoulders of the fallen individual during a lift and makes it easy for the carer to raise with very little assistance– genuinely single-handed care. The inclusion of heel relief function on the end 5 cells suggests that offloading can be easily handled for a variety of user heights.

Stand D06.

Ottobock will exist a wide variety of hand braces plus the new Mollii Suit. The company just recently streamlined its hand brace portfolio to provide an excellent variety of braces that cover 16 signs. Visitors to stand DO6 can spin Ottbocks wheel for an opportunity to win a reward!

A two-year service warranty on mechanism, motors, handset and transformer with the option of an additional five-year peace of mind care plan is offered on both designs.

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Visitors to stand DO6 can spin Ottbocks wheel for a possibility to win a prize!