Accessible innovation aims to “revolutionise” air travel for people with reduced mobility

Accessible innovation aims to “revolutionise” air travel for people with reduced mobility

Produced by item design business PriestmanGoode, accessible air travel advocate Flying Disabled, and certification body SWS Certification, the ingenious Air 4 All system allows wheelchair users to take a trip in their own wheelchair on an aeroplane without reducing the seat count for airline companies.

A new product is aiming to “change” accessible flight by enabling powered wheelchair users to stay in their own wheelchair for the whole journey.

Both the airline company seats and wheelchairs help with a setup and attachment system, allowing them to be securely set up in the aircraft cabin. Air 4 All is developed so that different powered wheelchair types can be accredited for flying and will be able to user interface with a vast array of airline company seats. The seats work as regular airline company seats if no wheelchairs need gain access to.

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” Air 4 All will assist in a smoother disembarking and boarding experience for PRMs and will likewise substantially reduce the number of wheelchairs that are damaged through bad handling.”

Paul Priestman, Chairman of PriestmanGoode, described: “Air 4 All will introduce a step change in the market and lastly provide equal access to convenience, safety and dignity for all travelers.

” The greatest barrier in the past has actually been that providing higher space to travelers in wheelchairs would have reduced seat count and resulted in a loss of earnings for airlines. Air 4 All resolves this problem and has actually the added advantage of enabling airlines to keep the design of their cabin on every seat, guaranteeing brand consistency and a cohesive brand name experience for all guests.

” With a leading worldwide wheelchair producer as well as the subsidiary of a significant airline on board to develop the product, its a really collective task. Were actively working with all the necessary parties, including preliminary discussions with some of the essential National Aviation Authorities, to ensure our service is harmonised and suitabled for purpose, hence significantly enhancing the travel experience for severely handicapped travelers.”

Earlier this year, Revolve Air was released to change handicapped flight. The modern-looking active wheelchair fits the standard cabin luggage dimensions used universally by airlines and guarantees to be lightweight, safe and tough for users.

A very first prototype of the Air 4 All system is anticipated in December 2021.

Air 4 All has been at first developed for a narrowbody 2 +2 configuration. The system converts front row seats and install a wheelchair guidance and locking system to the aircraft, permitting approximately 2 wheelchairs per row to take a trip on a single flight.

Chris Wood MBE, Founder of Flying Disabled, added: “Air 4 All is the very first system that has been established jointly by a design firm, a certification body and with input from the disabled community.

It conserves 60 percent of its space when both frames and wheels are folded and can be used as hand baggage on aeroplanes, with no additional struggle, according to the creator, Andrea Mocellin.

The consortium will be working along with mobility producer Sunrise Medical to establish those powerchairs that would be fit to fly, as well as to retrofit and produce brand-new standards for powered wheelchairs, hence allowing guests with the most difficult impairments to take a trip.

The Air 4 All system is trademarked, which covers all types of wheelchairs throughout every mode of public transport. The consortium is searching for partners across the transport sector to establish the system for other modes of travel, such as in trains.

The task further seeks to drive practical enhancements to the aeroplane cabin and transport experience for significantly disabled people, resulting in higher independence, dignity and freedom of travel.

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The system intends to enable people in powered wheelchairs to have equivalent access to a safe, dignified and comfortable flight experience as every other passenger. It also looks to interrupt the accessible flight sector by developing a brand-new requirement for disabled flight.