Amazon launches new service with fall detection and urgent response for Alexa voice tech

Amazon launches new service with fall detection and urgent response for Alexa voice tech

Although this service is just readily available in the United States at the minute, it could concern the UK in the future as a accessible and economical TEC solution for elderly individuals and carers. In the United States, the service is available for $19.99 a month or $199 per year.

eCommerce giant Amazon has actually presented a new subscription service for its Alexa voice-activated innovation called Alexa Together, which acts as a technology-enabled care (TEC) service and remote monitoring platform for carers and users.

Alexa Together is created to help elderly individuals feel more comfy and confident living separately, and give their household comfort.

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Alexa Togethers activity feed and custom signals also help reassure carers that their enjoyed one is up and tackling their day, while the senior individual can have the assurance knowing that their member of the family can quickly remain connected. With informs, family members can get notified every day when their enjoyed one has their very first interaction with Alexa or connected smart home devices– or get notified when there is no activity by a specific time, working as a suggestion to remain in touch.

Vayyar Care is a contactless, wall-mounted sensing unit that can determine when a fall has occurred, and SkyAngelCare by ATS is a fall-detection pendant that elderly individuals can use around their neck. Alexa can receive a signal to ask if the person wants to call Urgent Response when users press the help button on the SkyAngelCare pendant or Vayyar Care spots a fall.


Among the services crucial features is that the senior individual gets 24/7 hands-free access to an Urgent Response professional emergency situation helpline. During an emergency, they can say, “Alexa, call for help,” to get in touch with an experienced agent who can request the dispatch of police, the fire department, or an ambulance. When Urgent Response is called, Alexa will proactively inform the designated carer so theyre kept in the loop.

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In addition, Alexa Together deals with third-party devices from Assistive Technology Service (ATS) and Vayyar that can find when someone has had a fall or requires aid, and prompt Alexa to ask if the user desires to call Urgent Response and inform the carer.

Now, Alexa Together intends to provide a helpful TEC service and works when a senior individual and carer sign up. To begin, the elderly specific needs an Alexa Together subscription and a supported Alexa-enabled gadget, such as an Echo Dot or Echo Show.

Furthermore, Alexa Together consists of a Remote Assist feature that the senior can select to allow. If switched on, carers can set up Alexa features from afar and handle choose settings directly in their loved ones account– like setting tips, including contacts they can call or message hands-free, adding or checking products off a wish list, and linking a music service.

Using Amazons Alexa voice command software application, people are able to bring out a wide variety of activities and commands by exclusively using their voice. For example, users can play music, ask what the weather condition is, produce a wish list, or control wise home devices (such as turning on lights, managing appliances, viewing TV, and more).