£12.5m project to shake up healthy ageing through accessible homes and outdoor spaces

£12.5m project to shake up healthy ageing through accessible homes and outdoor spaces

Blackwood Homes and Care is dealing with citizens and 9 specialist partner organisations in market and academia to establish the Neighbourhoods for Independent Living in Dundee, Glasgow, and Moray.

An ingenious ₤ 12.5 million job is being introduced to develop 3 interesting neighborhoods of the future, which will assist older individuals in Scotland to live longer, healthier, independent lives.

Blackwood Neighbourhoods for Independent Living was established by dealing with the communities involved. The task will include accessible homes, products, services and outside spaces to make it possible for to stay physical active and healthy as they age.

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Blackwood has currently constructed 2 developments of innovative “Blackwood Homes” in Glasgow and Dundee.

Blackwoods CleverCogs digital system allows customers to arrange their services, care and medical visits, stay in touch with household and friends through video calls, and listen to music and home entertainment. For customers residing in Blackwood Homes, the system can also be utilized to manage everything from lighting and heat to opening doors and blinds.

UKRI in partnership with universities, research study organisations, organizations, charities, and federal government to develop the finest possible environment for research study and development to flourish. Running across the whole of the UK with a combined budget of more than ₤ 7 billion, UK Research and Innovation brings together the 7 research study councils, Innovate UK and Research England.

Fanchea Kelly, Chief Executive at Blackwood, stated: “While Blackwood has a distinct concentrate on style and development for independent living, this funding takes us into an exciting future, where we can support more older people and people with disabilities to live their life to the complete.

These are accessible and stunning “clever” properties, created to get rid of any challenges that can disrupt daily life for older individuals and individuals with impairments. They come equipped with electronic moving doors, electric blinds, fluctuate surfaces, cabinets and sinks, and a self-cleaning toilet.

Together with partners, the work will consist of available outdoor areas so that individuals can sustain physical activity, supported by digital connection and infrastructure that assists security and ethical data control. Blackwood intends to consist of a value exchange design that rewards and motivates neighborhood involvement.

The job is among five trailblazer jobs that will share ₤ 23 million from UKRI financing as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund/ Healthy Ageing Challenge.

Blackwood Homes and Care builds upon existing acclaimed work in developing the accessible Blackwood House and CleverCogs digital system. It will work with locals and partners to make it possible for people to live separately, including brand-new houses, a style guide to enhance upgrading availability and adaptations of existing houses along with future house style.


” What we are proposing at our three neighbourhoods will efficiently create communities of the future, providing what we hope is a plan for excellent places to be as people get older. We want Scotland to be the very best place to get older and we think the very best method to do that is to listen to locals and style services with skilled partners to react to what they desire.

Producing 10 new jobs, the programme has been awarded ₤ 6 million from the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) financing as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund/ Healthy Ageing Challenge with a more ₤ 6.5 million of contributions from Blackwood and industry partners.

” With the UKRI funding, well have the ability to work with our partners on further predictive tools, for instance, structure on our existing Smart Metering project (SMILE) where people can utilize their data to flag any concerning changes in patterns and avoid additional vulnerability.”

The reputable nine partner organisations working with Blackwood on the job are Canon Medical Research Europe, Carebuilder UK, CENSIS, Cisco International, Enterprise Rent-a-Car UK, Lewis & & Hickey Architects, Mydex CIC, The DataLab, and The University of Edinburgh.

The neighbourhoods will use a worth exchange model to reward and encourage neighborhood participation, with extra training and assistance to help residents keep their health, wellbeing, and self-reliance as they age.

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The citizens in each neighbourhood will have their own focus with an emphasis on community involvement and option over their own lives along with co-designing and testing a series of developments to support healthy aging. Residents provide their support by taking part, utilizing their own information to build the finest program for healthy ageing.