Accessible app for people speech and motor impairments recognised for innovation at CES 2021

Accessible app for people speech and motor impairments recognised for innovation at CES 2021

Voiceitt, which specialises in speech recognition innovation for individuals with communication disabilities, has actually been named a CES ® 2021 Innovation Awards Honouree for its assistive app for those with impaired speech.

The available app can be used to help individuals with speech disabilities, such as individuals who have had a stroke or individuals with developmental conditions.

Voiceitt was recognised in the Accessibility classification for its first-of-its-kind app that provides a basic, available method for individuals with speech and motor problems to interact utilizing their own voice.

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The businesss advanced automated speech acknowledgment (ASR) innovation adjusts and identifies to people special impaired speech patterns like breathing pauses and non-verbal sounds, enabling anybody with moderate to extreme speech problems to communicate and manage wise devices with their own voice.

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The statement was made ahead of the first-ever, all-digital CES 2021 that happens from 11th-14th of January 2021.

” We are honored to be selected as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree and to be added to their prestigious ranks of gold basic items,” said Danny Weissberg, CEO and Co-founder of Voiceitt. “For us, this award is not just a recommendation of the worth of our item, but likewise a celebration of our ability to increase the self-reliance and quality of life for individuals with speech disabilities.”

Voiceitts app utilises the companys proprietary machine learning and speech acknowledgment innovations to help people with speech disabilities– relating to stroke, degenerative illness, or developmental conditions– communicate and be comprehended, making speech recognition accessible to everyone.

Voiceitt recently integrated with Amazon Alexa, enabling people with speech impairments to use their own iPhone or iPad app to gain access to and control Alexa. The app is currently available for pre-order on the Apple app shop.

Every year, the CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ®, commemorates outstanding design and engineering in customer innovation items across 28 item categories. An elite panel of industry professional judges, including members of the media, designers, engineers and more, evaluated submissions based on engineering, innovation and performance, aesthetic, and style.