Case study: World’s first K110 small seat system helps young girl recline and sit up independently

Case study: World’s first K110 small seat system helps young girl recline and sit up independently

Lily had actually outgrown her Wizzybug and parents Tamara and Nick knew she needed a new powerchair.

The K110 seat has a starting width and depth of 24cm and has actually been designed to accommodate little and really young newbie powerchair users that would normally need modifications consisting of side assistances and upper body supports to guarantee they are comfy and have adequate postural support.

Powerchair expert Accuracy Rehabilitation recently provided a Paravan Piccolino powerchair to 4-year-old Lily who has Spine Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 2. This particular Piccolinio powerchair is distinct as is it is the first one on the planet to be fitted with the new Paravan K110 small seat system.

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In August, while sticking to all Covid-19 social distancing standards, Matt provided Lilys Paravan Piccolino, which she had asked to be completed in gold. As quickly as she began using the chair, Nick and Tamara could see her self-confidence and self-reliance grow.

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Matt knew he might customize the existing seat to fit Lily however having a seat system which would supply the support Lily required without additional adjustments was excellent news.

The Precision Rehab values is that the chair needs to fit the individual rather than the person fitting the chair and the brand-new K110 seat system from Paravan has proved this to be the case.

” I took a look at Precision Rehabs site and found they had the precise powerchair we had been looking for– the Piccolino, as it had the seat lift and tilt in area in addition to lots of other brilliant functions which we knew would truly benefit Lily.

Tamara discussed: “We began following some people with SMA on social media in the hopes of discovering which brand of powerchair they utilized or suggested and this was where we initially found Precision Rehab after enjoying a clip of Matt delivering a powerchair to Tilly Griffith.

Tamara added: “Lily likes her new chair as do all the household as it has made such a distinction. The truth the seating can grow with Lily as it can be gotten used to suit and even be changed for the next seat measure when required is fantastic.

” We are happy that Matt and the team at Precision Rehab have actually successfully provided the worlds first K110 little seat system,” stated Stefan Ludwig, Paravans Director of Wheelchair Systems and Medical Products. “Here at Paravan we are continually purchasing research and advancement and the K110 is simply the current addition to our ever-growing variety of powerchairs and accessories and to see what a difference it has made to Lily and her household is exceptionally rewarding for everyone here at Paravan.”

” We have actually not had many days out due to Covid19 however just being able to hold Lilys hand on a walk instead of pushing her chair is so rewarding as I am sure any moms and dad would agree.”

The Piccolino is also available with a standard K120 seat with measurement of 270mm to 430mm large, 320mm to 385mm depth and a back height of 400mm to 480mm.

The family live near Bird World which Lily has actually always loved checking out however a number of the exhibits have a wooden base with windows from which visitors can see the birds. In the past, Nick or Tamara would have to lift Lily so she might see the birds today she simply uses the increase function and she can see everything.

Additional functions consist of seat slide, side supports, head support and other seat devices, all of which are separately adjustable and multi-variable to make the Piccolino a genuinely versatile powerchair, which can satisfy the requirements of all powerchair users with differing levels of movement and independence.

Nick commented: “The distinction Lilys brand-new chair has actually made is amazing. For instance, Lily had never had the ability to sit up on her own but she can now sit or recline up individually making day-to-day activities the majority of people take for granted such as staying up at the table for family meals or talking with people face to deal with much simpler thanks to the numerous functions on her Piccolino.

” I wish to say a substantial thank you to Matt and everybody at Precision Rehab as from our very first conversation through to evaluations and several check outs consisting of a conference with wheelchair services and Lilys physio so they might see the chair on their own nothing was ever a problem. I would not hesitate in recommending Precision Rehab to anybody searching for a powerchair.”

Matt James, Director of Precision Rehab, concluded: “We always make every effort to supply our customers with the finest possible powerchair service and hearing how happy Lily and her parents are makes all the tough work rewarding. We wish Lily lots of years of fun in her Piccolino.”

” During the very first evaluation we had issues that the standard Piccolino seat size would be a concern as Lily is so small. Nevertheless, Matt instantly put our minds at rest by explaining there are different bespoke options that would work for her. Some months later at the point of purchasing, Matt described that the modifications would now not be required as Paravan had actually developed the brand-new smaller seat and Lily would be the very first kid worldwide to have a K110 seat fitted to her brand-new chair which was remarkable.”

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