Louie Voice Control Is The “Companion App” That Every Visually Impaired Needs

Louie Voice Control Is The “Companion App” That Every Visually Impaired Needs

The side-effect of a medication he took in 1999 impacted his Retina, causing his vision to significantly decreasing since. By 2012, he was not able to read anything, leaving him miserable and not understanding what to do. This low-point was completely unanticipated especially for someone who had graduated from Indias distinguished engineering and management institutions (IIT and IIM) and worked for worldwide business such as Unilever, Motorola, and Quest Diagnostics. He wasnt able to come to terms with this circumstance.

One day, a sighted buddy was scheduling a Uber ride for Pramit. To schedule the trip, the pal kept asking Pramit concerns and made the suitable selections in the Uber app. In brief, Louie is all about being able to operate popular Apps and do everything within those Apps utilizing voice commands. Even though Louie is currently in beta, it is already a hit in the visually impaired neighborhood around the world. Through Louie, Pramit is developing a community of users in over 70 nations that are delighted at the possibility of using Louie on a day-to-day basis.

Pramits group of developers and testers is striving on making Louie readily available to everybody. Stay tuned for more updates as Louie ends up being not only a reality however likewise a way of living for numerous!

Listed below, you will find 2 videos– the first is of Pramit discussing Louie and how it works. The second is an interview with Pramit where we talk in detail about what Louie is, Pramits vision for it, how he plans to scale it, potential rates, and how Louie can quickly become a blind persons virtual companion.

Voice Assistants tend to be superficial & & will allow you to do just 2-3 things within an App. Louie in contrast will fully voice manage an App– each and every function of it.
Leading Voice Assistants or Personal Assistants have a bad practice of going silent every once in a while. Louie in comparison will do a two-way continuous interaction– much like a human interaction.

The inspiration for Louie Voice Control was an easy Uber trip. One day, a sighted buddy was reserving a Uber flight for Pramit. To book the flight, the buddy kept asking Pramit questions and made the appropriate choices in the Uber app. In a matter of minutes, the reservation was done! This experience made Pramit wonder how empowering it would be for the aesthetically impaired if the phone were to read out menu options, accept their spoken actions as inputs and make the booking. With this “aha” moment, Pramit got to work and set up a group that has actually built Louie..

Despite the fact that Louie is presently in beta, it is already a hit in the aesthetically impaired community around the world. Pramit has made the beta version of the app available for totally free to get blind users to start using it and get feedback from them on what can be enhanced. Through Louie, Pramit is constructing a community of users in over 70 nations that are excited at the prospect of utilizing Louie daily. The “early gain access to” version of the app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Pramit Bhargava graduated from prominent engineering and management organizations in India and had an amazing career with numerous large multinational business. An unexpected event altered all of that, practically overnight.


Quick forward a couple of years and Pramit discovered himself developing a voice based interface for aesthetically impaired individuals so they could achieve a lot with simply their phones.

In other words, Louie is all about having the ability to do and run popular apps everything within those Apps using voice commands. As of today, Louie supports YouTube, WhatsApp, Uber, Contacts & & Phone Calling. More Apps are under advancement.

How does Louie differ from other popular smart assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant? For beginners, none of the existing services can do what Louie can:.

Louie is an accessibility App and can be used by all voice-lovers consisting of but not limited to aesthetically impaired, blind, motor-disabled, senior, people with restricted manual dexterity and all hands-free lovers. The concept is basic– a blind user provides directions to an app with simply voice and the action is immediately performed– whether its scheduling a trip on Uber, reading and reacting to texts on the phone or discovering a video on YouTube..

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