New spring collection of adjustable folding canes launches with colourful designs

New spring collection of adjustable folding canes launches with colourful designs

Introducing on Monday 18th January 2021 in time for spring, the derby-handled walking sticks include colourful patterns, unique to Classic Canes.

Timeless Canes Managing Director Charlotte GillanWalking stick specialist Classic Canes is introducing a collection of adjustable folding canes in a series of joyful new patterns, designed by Managing Director Charlotte Gillan.

All of the walking sticks are height adjustable from 82 to 92cm, making them ideal for a wide variety of users.

Enjoyable and appealing styles consist of ladybirds, bees, British songbirds, small pets, big pet dogs, British owls, gardening, and horses and ponies of Britain and Ireland, along with new leopard print and snow leopard print styles.

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” Product and lifestyle photography are offered to our account holders and we anticipate seeing the action to these newest stylish additions to our 700+ strong range of strolling sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas.”.


Timeless Canes adds that these appealing walking canes are practical and likewise popular as gifts.

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Charlotte described: “Patterned walking sticks are an extremely important part of our item variety and these brand-new ones are created to appeal to popular interests. I greatly took pleasure in painting the original artwork for them, guaranteeing that they are both enjoyable and stylish: totally Classic Canes.”.

” Many of our consumers know me personally so it is an extra selling point for them that they understand the artist as well as providing a premium product that is unique to Classic Canes,” Charlotte continued.