Pioneering prevention tech helps improve support for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Pioneering prevention tech helps improve support for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Dumfries and Galloway HSCP has actually effectively decreased pressures on support services presently in place for adults with intellectual impairments having actually accepted ingenious digital innovations to guarantee much better outcomes for service users.

ARMED combines pioneering predictive information analytics modelling, wearable technology, and health and social care data. This innovative innovation determines and predicts elements that might effect on a care users lifestyle.

As part of an enthusiastic task, the HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership) has actually been successfully using HAS Technologys acclaimed ARMED prevention technology to revamp its night-time assistance, collaborating with the ARMED group to make use of information to support the decision process for much better interventions.

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” Since implementing ARMED, we have actually seen a decrease on the pressures positioned on over night services and an improvement in clients self-confidence. This has enabled customers to acquire more self-reliance, which is essential for their wellbeing.”

The ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) wearable software application was carried out by the council as part of its telecare reaction service. This service helps to put preventative health procedures in location for Cardiff locals and identify risks from another location.

To improve wellbeing and social care results, ARMED is supporting individuals to be more active during the day, which HAS Technology says has considerably improved sleep patterns.

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED, commented: “We are thrilled to be dealing with Dumfries and Galloway HSCP and to see our prevention innovation yielding such fantastic results for individuals with intellectual difficulties.

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Having access to key health metrics implies the care group has ended up being more conscious of clients wellbeing and activity levels, suggesting they are now better able to customize the activities and support for their clients. Night-time assistance, particularly slumber party supports, can now be provided based upon whoever has the best requirement.

This has indicated less nighttime activity and less of a requirement for intervention from overnight assistance personnel, while still ensuring that these vulnerable people are safe within their own homes at night.

Barbara Aitken, Professional Lead for Social Work for the Community Directorate at the HSCP, stated: “Using the ARMED service has actually offered us new insight into behaviours that has actually helped us prioritise resources. It has actually offered our clients information that has motivated them to become more active throughout the day, which in turn has actually assisted cause more relaxing sleep. ARMED is supporting us to enhance health and wellbeing and offer person-centred care.

Dumfries and Galloway HSCP can now utilize the learning from this trial on a continuous basis to prioritise access to services.

During the coronavirus pandemic, HAS Technology worked with Cardiff Council to supply citizens with ingenious wearables that can help to identify certain health threats early on.

” ARMED is now empowering individuals, in a broad variety of settings, with activity information that puts them in control, whilst providing valuable insight to health care specialists. At this existing time when individuals are most likely to be leading more inactive lives, this is assisting to enhance health and health and wellbeing and permitting services to be prioritised.”