Case study: “Revolutionary” electric standing frame helps 17-year-old with his posture

Case study: “Revolutionary” electric standing frame helps 17-year-old with his posture

Dylan lives with a complex series of conditions, that include intractable epilepsy, thin corpus callosum, trouble sleeping, and a serious learning impairment. As a result, he is unable to do anything for himself and requires around-the-clock care.

Dylans mother, Kerry, very first discovered Baffin Technology on Facebook and contacted us. She was trying to find an option that would assist move Dylan from a sitting to standing position once he had undergone surgery on his foot and hamstring.

In May 2021, 17-year-old Dylan Jones from Staffordshire began using his Trio electrical standing frame from Baffin Innovation Systems, which features the “revolutionary” Second Spinal column Innovation.

” The Second Spine Technology is genius as it moulds completely to Dylans spine and offers superb assistance regardless of what position he remains in. Everyone at Baffin is well-informed and exceptionally handy and I would not think twice in advising them to any other families looking for a comparable solution for their child.”

Sit-to-stand devices available from Baffin Technology are multifunctional, as the user can sit up, rest, and stand up at the touch of a button on the push-button control without the need to be moved to another tool. Placing a kid in a standing position is time consuming, can typically cause more tension, and result in an inaccurate back position, however with the Trio this is no longer the case.

” I am happy to hear that Dylans posture is currently enhancing thanks to his Trio and on behalf of everyone here at Baffin Technology I want to wish him the very best of luck for his upcoming surgery,” commented Baffin Technology Founder Marzena Komisarczuk.

Kerry stated: “The Trio has made a genuine difference to Dylan; at present he can not totally stand as he is still awaiting his surgical treatment however it is already helping with his posture.

Second Spine Technology system and the balance seat, which are found in Dylans Trio, have actually been designed to produce and support ideal positioning of the users spine and hips. In addition, this innovation helps to avoid or substantially slow down the development of particular conditions, and all this can be attained while Dylan remains comfortable.

For more details on the complete variety of items available from Baffin Technology Systems or to arrange an assessment, call 01788 892 056, email or check out the website.

Second Spine Technology accomplishes this by anatomically mapping Dylans back curvatures to enable passive correction of the spine in a seated position by supporting the entire length of the back to decrease pressure on the specific vertebrae. By doing this, the Second Spine Technology likewise assists to avoid further distortions.