CASE STUDY: Therapy riding centre installs accessible changing facility for disabled users

CASE STUDY: Therapy riding centre installs accessible changing facility for disabled users

The project was managed by volunteer Audrey Arthur, the charitys riders, Parents and Carers Representative, and Morven McLelland, who is a certified occupational therapist (OT) and likewise a member of the centres board of trustees.

Muirfield Riding Treatment Centre in East Lothian, Scotland has actually just recently finished the construction of a purpose-built accessible changing center for individuals utilizing the centre, that includes a Ropox Swing Wash Basin.

Due to an absence of area, the brand-new facility is not a main Changing Places unit as the team involved had to improvise with the area readily available as extending the structure was not an alternative. This involved knocking 2 specific toilets into one space to produce a large available toilet and changing space, which would still have sufficient space for wheelchair users and be appropriate for centre visitors with varying levels of mobility and independence.

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Morven took a look at numerous altering basins, benches and hoists and concluded that the Ropox Swing Wash Basin was the perfect option as it provided the flexibility they required as it is compact, well designed and manoeuvrable while providing exceptional value for money.

In addition to the Ropox Swing Wash Basin, the available system also includes a ceiling track hoist system, which offers full coverage of the space and enables users to move to the height adjustable bench and accessible toilet with self-respect and ease.

As area within the new system was at a premium, Morven undertook in-depth research to ensure the devices they installed would be finest fit to all included.


Muirfield Riding Therapy, a member group of Riding for the Disabled UK, has been supplying life-altering therapeutic riding complimentary of charge for people of any ages with numerous specials needs from East and Mid Lothian given that 1989.

” The product is of excellent quality and the client service was constantly friendly and professional and the advice he gave us to guarantee we attained the finest end outcome for our users, personnel and volunteers was exceptional. I understand it is going to make a huge difference!”

” As an OT, it is terrific to see business such as Ropox producing products which are attentively developed to enhance peoples self-reliance and self-respect for use in a centre such as ours yet would likewise blend in to a bathroom in a domestic home.”

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This year, the charity is likewise commemorating the 10th anniversary of its partnership with NHS Lothian, The Childrens Therapeutic Riding Service. This service offers hippotherapy, an expert form of physiotherapy, on horseback and was the very first– and is still the biggest– a service of its kind in Scotland.

The Swing Wash Basin is readily available with or without manual height adjustment and depending upon the design, the range of modification is 15cm for models without a dock-in and 20cm for models with the dock-in; this enables the user or their carer to set the height at the optimal level. The rotation and swing of the basin is not impacted by which model is installed.

” I was pleased to be part of this job which was volunteer-led,” Morven said. “I was able to offer insights into the essential devices we required to make this space as available as possible including the swing wash basin which provides greater availability for those individuals using wheelchairs.

Ropox says the Swing Wash Basin has been designed to look similarly at home in a domestic or care setting while still satisfying the needs of the private and their carer.

The centre is totally self-funded and volunteer-led, with around 200 volunteers on its books and can accommodate 120 riders each week.

Due to the current pandemic, users have not yet been able to use the brand-new facility, but personnel and volunteers have all been impressed.

Morven included: “From our first discussion with Mark at Ropox we were pleased, absolutely nothing was too much difficulty and whenever we had a question he always responded quickly and would not hesitate in suggesting Ropox to any setting aiming to set up accessible changing facilities.

The special ergonomic style of the height-adjustable Swing Wash Basin from Ropox ensures it will suit very little rooms. The 180 ˚ swing allows people with decreased mobility to place the wash basin in front of the toilet so they can clean their hands while seated rather than needing to move across the space to reach a basin. There is also plenty of room under the basin for a wheelchair, making it ideal for wheelchair users.

As a charity, the centre has to make sure every item it buys offers value for cash while also meeting the needs of its users and Morvens input was indispensable with her understanding got from lots of years as an OT.