CCG mergers still set to go ahead for April 2021, latest NHS England guidance says

CCG mergers still set to go ahead for April 2021, latest NHS England guidance says

Published on the 26th of January, the letter was sent to all presidents of NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts and CCG liable officers in England.

It updates and reconfirms NHSEIs position on regulative and reporting requirements for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts as the NHS deals with “unprecedented” levels of pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NHS England and NHS Enhancement (NHSEI) has issued brand-new assistance for NHS Trusts about lowering burden and launching capability to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, enhancing that CCG mergers must still proceed for April 2021.

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The NHS Long Term Plan suggested that incorporated care systems (ICSs) will cover the entire country by April 2021 and that there would be generally one CCG for each ICS. As an outcome, CCGs have been combining in England in preparation for this modification.

Significantly, NHSEI states that Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) mergers should still go on as prepared for April 2021, adding that work on CCG mergers has already restarted.

” Whilst numbers of admissions are plateauing and starting to decline in some parts of the country, they continue to grow in others and the variety of patients in healthcare facility and in important care with COVID-19 will take some time to lower,” the letter reads. “At the same time the NHS is delivering a national COVID vaccination programme of unequaled scale and complexity, whist also continuing to offer non-COVID care.”

To assist free up resources during this difficult time, the letter specifies that all NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts ought to pause all non-essential oversight meetings, enhance guarantee and reporting requirements, provide higher flexibility on different year-end submissions, focus enhancement resources on COVID-19 and recovery priorities, and just keep those existing development workstreams that support recovery.

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Although NHSEI has strengthened that CCG mergers should still go ahead as prepared, the letter says that it will keep its guidance under “close review” and will make modifications if necessary.

ICSs are a closer form of partnership between the NHS and regional authorities, which intend to offer more person-centred and integrated care for patients, while pooling budget plans and sharing resources throughout health and social care. The focus is on more preventative care and eliminating barriers that individuals may currently face in accessing health and social care separately.

Signed by Amanda Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer at NHS England at NHS Improvement, she ends up the letter by specifying: “Once again, we appreciate the extraordinary level of commitment and effort from you and your groups that has assisted the NHS increase to meet the difficulties of the in 2015, and in particular these previous four weeks.”