CPD learning opportunity on assisted driving for healthcare professionals at Kidz Middle

CPD learning opportunity on assisted driving for healthcare professionals at Kidz Middle

Driving Mobility is a nationwide charity that collaborates a network of over 20 centres, many with outreach facilities, which provide fitness to drive and movement devices assessments.

Taking location on Thursday 17th March 2022 from 9.30am-4.30 pm at the Ericsson Exhibition Hall in the Coventry Building Society Arena, Kidz to Adultz Middle is a popular exhibition that showcases the most recent products and services to assist individuals as much as the age of 25 with limited mobility. Arranged by the charity Disabled Living, the regional event is also an opportunity for health care professionals to acquire CPD accreditation by participating in educational seminars.

Mary Yates, Occupational Therapist, will be hosting a CPD seminar at Kidz to Adultz Middle highlighting how Driving Movement Assessment Centres assist handicapped motorists support the wheel.

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In 2015, Driving Mobility relaunched its site to provide thorough guidance on all aspects of adjusted driving, accessible travel and personal movement.

Marys workshop, which takes place at 11.30 am in Seminar Room 2 at the occasion, will provide info on the steps to ending up being a full licence holder, Driving Mobility assessment centres, automobile adaptations, and leasing through the Motability plan.

Targeted at health care specialists, Driving Mobilitys latest CPD seminar at Kidz to Adultz Middle, Learning to Drive– How to begin, focuses on assisted driving and will be supported by professional advice and information on stand V20.

In addition to medical suggestions relating to driving with an impairment, professional guidance is available on wheelchair available vehicles (WAVs), movement equipment, using public transportation and available way of lives.

All OT attendees will be able to add credits to their CPD portfolio.

The charity will likewise discuss how OTs can properly recommend their handicapped customers and illustrate why its medical technique achieves favorable outcomes. Young disabled drivers are allowed to get their provisionary licence a year early, at 16, if they get the improved rate mobility element of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).


Supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), Driving Mobility authorized driving instructors (ADIs) and physical therapists (OTs) guide and support people who are or self-refer signposted from the DVLA, Motability, Police and NHS. Every member is committed to making it possible for individuals with limited mobility, so they can remain independent whether driving an adjusted vehicle, using assistive equipment, or taking a trip by available transport.

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