CSP welcomes Scottish parties’ commitment to improving rehab provision

CSP welcomes Scottish parties’ commitment to improving rehab provision

Both celebrations manifestos have actually been launched ahead of the Scottish parliament elections on 6th May.

Now, the significant physiotherapy body is calling on other political parties in Scotland, and the UK, to commit to these same values.

A dedication to a ideal to rehabilitation has been consisted of in the Scottish National Party (SNP) manifesto and the Scottish Liberal Democrats manifesto, which have actually been praised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

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” We will create a right to rehab by the end of the parliament to guarantee that no-one is left out by a no rehab potential, as called for by the Right to Rehab Coalition.”

The SNP manifesto states that: “Equal access to rehab is crucial to individuals dealing with long-term conditions or recuperating after an operation, health problem or accident , in order that they can live as well– and as individually– as possible

For that reason, SNP is promising to review future requirements to form how AHP training is expanded going forwards.

Agreeing with these dedications to improving rehab arrangement in Scotland, the CSP is now motivating other political parties to do the same.

” The CSP has played an active function in the Right to Rehab Coalition, which combines numerous professional bodies and service users campaigning to give everyone a right to get the rehab they require when they require it. The acknowledgment of the important role of allied health experts is also extremely welcome.

The manifesto also identifies the important contribution of allied health specialists (AHPs) to health, wellness and rehab in Scotland. It states that AHPs require the right skills to make sure the wellbeing of numerous as well as to deliver on crucial concerns such as the right to rehab.

Additionally, the Scottish Liberal Democrats manifesto consists of a dedication to: “Support the Home to Hospital service established by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland so that it operates throughout Scotland and can supply one-to-one assistance for Covid survivors across Scotland, as well as individuals with heart, chest and stroke conditions.

Talking about the political promises, Kenryck Lloyd-Jones, CSP Public Affairs and Policy Manager for Scotland, stated: “This is a welcome dedication to enhancing rehabilitation provision in Scotland.

” We will develop a right to rehabilitation which will help individuals after their health center care and help them accomplish their objectives.”

” The commitment to both shaping and expanding AHP education and training are policy areas that the CSP has continued to promote, and we are happy they include on the national policy agenda

” We now challenge the other political parties in Scotland– and the rest of the UK– to do the same!”


They wrote a letter to the UK Government to safeguard staff working in rehab services from redeployment as the services in England dealt with a 2nd wave of COVID-19 back in November.

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In England, the CSP, along with other leading health and social care organisations like the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), Centre for Ageing Better, and Age UK, have actually lobbied to secure essential rehabilitation services during the pandemic.

The joint letter underlined the significance of rehab in the healing from COVID-19, in addition to being a pillar of vital support for people with long-lasting illnesses, physical injuries and mental illness.