Doro acquires FirstCall 24/7 to assist vulnerable residents in Staffordshire, Leicestershire & Derbyshire

Doro acquires FirstCall 24/7 to assist vulnerable residents in Staffordshire, Leicestershire & Derbyshire

As part of the arrangement, Doro has acquired the possessions of FirstCall 24/7 and will be continuing to support the real estate organization as it establishes and provides its Older Persons Strategy.

Broadening UK telecare service provider Doro has revealed a new relationship with Trent and Dove Housing, a provider of housing to customers in Staffordshire, North West Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

Through its FirstCall 24/7 service, Trent and Dove has been offering innovation allowed care services (TECS) to older individuals for almost 20 years.

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” Trent & & Dove chose to try to find a capable, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner to ensure the First Call service remained sustainable into the future. We were delighted that Doro became our chosen partner and following detailed due diligence Doro have actually become new owners of the service. There will be a smooth handover and customers might see a change in name however I understand Doro will provide a great service to all.”

” We are thrilled to welcome FirstCall clients and personnel into the Doro household and look forward to checking out new methods of making a real distinction to individuals in the regional neighborhoods”.

” We appreciate that lots of service providers are examining their services provided the increasing financial investment required due to the digital switch but also due to the included complexities of service delivery during the pandemic.

Ursula Bennion, Chief Executive Officer at Trent and Dove Housing, added: “Our First Call operation has been offering an exceptional service to our customers for almost twenty years. Over the last two years our Board have actually been aware of the need to modernise whilst remaining cost effective to local individuals.

Earlier this year, Doro released its next-generation social alarm, Doro Eliza, which offers a safer and more secure everyday living environment for vulnerable grownups.

Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, President and CEO of Doro Group, commented: “We are pleased to have actually been selected to deal with Trent and Dove Housing to continue to offer services to customers in Staffordshire, North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire.

The COVID-19 Discharge Service ensures that clients leaving medical facility receive a telecare plan, provided to their house within two hours of discharge.

The expanding telecare company has likewise worked with NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) during the pandemic to release the COVID-19 Discharge Service, which allows rapid healthcare facility discharges across Cheshire.


FirstCall 24/7 employs 15 full-time equivalent personnel and displays around 1600 telecare connections, incorporating a wide variety of devices along with providing going to services, consisting of emergency mobile action.

Versatile and special, Doro Eliza is a smartcare hub for the home that is developed to deliver the best possible security and dependability to users, alarm receiving centres and provider alike. It intends to raise the bar in TEC by making the most of the capabilities paid for through todays digital networks.