“Feature-rich” premium mobility scooter launches to enhance the rider experience

“Feature-rich” premium mobility scooter launches to enhance the rider experience

This mobility device includes several brand-new features an LED front headlight, comfort Delta Bar operation and a USB charging point. The remote-controlled scooter also boasts shock-absorbing front and rear suspension, created to offer extra convenience for a remarkable ride.

Medical devices provider Drive DeVilbiss Health care has unveiled a brand-new addition to its variety of folding movement scooters, the AutoFold Elite.

Drive states that AutoFold Elite constructs on the popularity of its AutoFold and Manual Fold movement scooters and that it has gotten “excellent” user feedback so far.

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Dallas Newsham, International Category Manager for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, commented: “Listening to our clients and their users experience is really essential to us at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare and this new addition shows how committed we are to further enhancing and evolving our products to meet the ever growing demands of user requirements and technology improvements.”

A folding scooter likewise supplies more convenience for users, as it indicates people do not have to put together and take apart scooters before and after use when fitting them into automobile boots, for example, Drive includes.

Drive states the scooter will be offered in early June.

For further details on the AutoFold Elite Folding Scooter, go to the website

In March, the company introduced a new variety of house care and property care products with 2 electric profiling bed households, providing ingenious modular designs for care professionals.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare supplies a total variety of long lasting medical devices, including strolling help, healthcare facility and neighborhood beds, rise & & recliner chairs, wheelchairs, bariatric products, sleep surfaces and pressure prevention items, breathing devices, powered wheelchairs, scooters, paediatric items, moving and managing, individual care and aids to everyday living.