First news and entertainment hub for visually impaired people launches on smart speakers

First news and entertainment hub for visually impaired people launches on smart speakers

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is a completely voice-controlled media gamer tool that, once registered for, is available to use on an existing Google Home or Alexa product.

Utilizing the most recent in AI technology, the RealSAM Smart Speaker is created to enhance the self-reliance of those with vision disabilities and sight loss. Hosting material from UK sight loss charities such as Henshaws, Galloways, and Torch Trust, the platform is the world’s first wise speaker information hub for individuals with sight loss.

Introducing today, the brand-new RealSAM Smart Speaker solution is a dedicated center for blind and aesthetically impaired people, offering customers access to countless books, papers, podcasts, radio stations, and info from a variety of UK sight loss charities.

To access the Real SAM Smart Speaker content, users register to the subscription service to gain access to either an Action that is added to their Google Home or a Skill that is contributed to their Amazon Alexa.

Louise included: “We recognize that sight loss charities have limited resources and have actually had to adjust how they provide assistance in 2020 and beyond, progressively using digital methods. Charities who are eager to access their fans and beneficiaries through audio material can partner with us.”

In addition to helping people with visual problems, the group at RealSAM is motivating UK impairment charities to get in touch to go over how their content might likewise be made offered to a broader audience and placed within the house speaker skill or action.

In addition, RealSAM AI innovation has the capability to be multi-command managed. This permits a user to ask a series of building questions, which is particularly helpful for anyone needing to operate technology completely by voice.

Charities who are publishing, podcasts, web-based newsletters (then text to speech), upcoming occasions, or basic information and recommendations are encouraged to get in touch to go over how their material can be added to the RealSAM Speaker subscription to reach the aesthetically impaired neighborhood.

Louise Humphreys, UK Country Manager at RealSAM, stated: “We are devoted to working with those with sight loss to develop services that make a real distinction to their day-to-day lives. The advancement of our new clever speaker service was a direct result of customers telling us of their frustrations of requiring multiple gadgets or applications to fulfill their needs.

Users can look for info by title, classification, or keyword, then further look for posts, chapters, or specific episodes of their preferred podcast.

” Utilising our clever innovation and dealing with our charity partners we are now the world’s first news entertainment and guidance platform for anyone with sight loss looking for accessible audio content on wise speakers.”

Charities seeking to find out more about the content partner program can check out the site to learn more