Free webinar about how a cooling wheelchair backrest cushion can help with heat and epilepsy

Free webinar about how a cooling wheelchair backrest cushion can help with heat and epilepsy

Entitled Heat, Epilepsy, and WheelAir, interested participants can register to sign up with the totally free Zoom webinar, which happens on 12 January 2022 at 12.30 pm, here.

The WheelAir system is the first temperature level and moisture control system developed to fit any wheelchair. It distributes air equally throughout the seat surface area to reduce the customers temperature, remove moisture accumulation, and keep skin dry and tidy.

WheelAir, which creates an ingenious cooling backrest cushion to make sure wheelchair users do not overheat, is hosting a totally free webinar on 12 January 2022 for delegates to discover the relationship between heat, epilepsy and WheelAir.

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According to WheelAir, when the body overheats, there is an increased danger of developing a seizure. For those with epilepsy, the danger of experiencing a seizure is much more most likely when they have a hard time handling their body temperature, for example, due to close fitting seating systems, ecological temperature level, or medication.

In 2015, WheelAir introduced a stiff back integration service for all wheelchairs to keep users cool and comfy. It means WheelAirs innovative cooling airflow system can be fitted to any wheelchair and seating setup, which was formerly tough to achieve due to the nature of customisation.

Register for the webinar here.

There will be case research studies revealing the effect of heat and moisture guideline with epilepsy clients, and health care experts will find out how to score the general heat and moisture threat of their customer with the companys threat matrix.

Throughout the webinar, WheelAir will go over the relationship in between epilepsy and heat, how this works, who is more susceptible, avoidance approaches, and the influence of the WheelAir system on temperature.

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