Free webinar to explore how to reduce harm in both paediatric and adult care

Free webinar to explore how to reduce harm in both paediatric and adult care

The webinar is free of charge and will occur on the 24th of June from 10-11.15 am.

Assistive innovation professional BES Health care is hosting a free webinar about avoiding damage throughout paediatric care and pressure care.

Entitled Do No Harm, Know Your Power– Empowering those to prevent damage prior to it happens, it is the first in a series of webinars that intend to create awareness of requirements, techniques and other essential consider an increasingly commoditised market to help in reducing damages associated with early intervention in paediatric care and pressure care.

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Interested participants can sign up here

Dr ter Haar will talk about BES Healthcares Do No Harm, Know Your Power campaign. He will likewise explore the pertinent requirements and standards relating to push care; the importance of early intervention; pressure care and 24-hour postural management to avoid pressure ulcers; and how commercialisation is driving the commoditisation of equipment over clinical need.

Speakers will include Dr Barend ter Haar, who will discuss the various standards and approaches to avoid harm, and Charlotte Peck from MOVE Europe, who will introduce individuals to the MOVE Programme and its benefits for early intervention in paediatric care.

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For any queries about the occasion, email BES Healthcare Marketing Coordinator Sophie Lindvold at or call 01179 666 761.


Charlotte will share more about the MOVE Programme, which is a functional mobility programme. She will take a look at the MOVE Ethos; the six actions of MOVE; the concepts and practical application of MOVE; and utilizing MOVE to support recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.