“Ground-breaking” hearing aids give children access to the full sound environment

“Ground-breaking” hearing aids give children access to the full sound environment

The brand-new Oticon Play PX household– Oticons first paediatric listening devices– are the worlds very first listening devices for children with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). Trained with 12 million sound scenes from real-life, this intelligent DNN has learned to acknowledge noises through experience, simply like how a childs brain does.

With the DNN innovation, children with hearing loss are supplied access to the entire sound scene and a closer-to-natural listening experience.

Hearing help expert Oticon is presenting the award-winning hearing technologies of Oticon More into its new hearing help that provide kids a closer-to-natural listening experience.

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By giving kidss brains access to the complete sound environment in a more natural method, therefore improving their access to communication and promoting involvement in everyday listening environments, Oticon Play PX supplies support for language, discovering, emotional and social advancement.

” The experiences kids have as they grow rapidly through childhood to adolescence play an essential function in supporting and promoting the brain advancement of crucial skills and cognitive function. Without full access to the world around them and communication, children with hearing loss lack enough sensory input, which is why we are offering kids the new technique to sound processing provided by our innovative MoreSound innovations.

Oticon has actually optimised the technology of Oticon More, adjusting the “innovative” hearing technology that grownups have access to, specifically for children. Oticons Genie 2 software features pre-set fitting options for kids according to age, which likewise take a kids growth into account, so that Oticon Play PX can help support every stage of a childs hearing system as it establishes.

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A new research study by Oticon Oticon Play PX: Supporting Communication, Learning and Inclusion for Children and Teens, demonstrates that Oticon Play PX makes noise from all directions clearer for speech recognition and recall than listening devices utilizing conventional and OMNI directional hearing technology. Notably, in some conditions, speech acknowledgment and recall, even in loud environments, can be comparable to the regular hearing variety, according to the paper.

Thomas Behrens, Chief of Audiology at Oticon, said: “At Oticon, we understand that children with hearing loss need access to all relevant sounds in the rich noise scenes they grow up in, and our most current paediatric listening devices have been established to do simply that.

Oticon Play PX is supported by EduMic, a remote microphone system developed for academic settings. Children can likewise wirelessly stream from iPhones and Androids with the hearing help.

A variety of significant sound is essential for the advancement of a childs auditory system, according to the hearing professional, and Oticon Play PX listening devices have actually been developed to provide this.


The paediatric listening devices are powered by Polaris, a powerful platform featuring the brand-new MoreSound Intelligence, MoreSound Amplifier and MoreSound Optimizer. Together, these technologies help children enjoy a more natural representation of all noises in a clear and complete sound scene with great contrast and balance between sounds, and ideal, steady amplification. Oticon states this is comfy and “much less likely” to cause feedback when children are playing, hugging and communicating.

The hearing aids are available in a range of colours, as well as being robust and comfy. The new paediatric listening devices household features 2 BTE designs and two miniRITE designs, consisting of 2 rechargeable designs.

” With the very best innovation available from Oticon, and adapted according to age, kids are much better supported to learn and meet developmental targets at a speed on par with their peers.”

Guaranteeing that children have access to the whole sound scene in any environment while managing sound, Oticon Play PX assists support kidss brains to both handle noise and hear naturally.