Guest article: How assistive tech can tackle loneliness and improve the quality of life for older people

Guest article: How assistive tech can tackle loneliness and improve the quality of life for older people

Credit: Estera KluczenkoWith the coronavirus pandemic interrupting practically every part of our day-to-day lives, socially distancing and minimizing in person contact with others has actually ended up being the standard to reduce transmission of the infection. However, for elderly individuals, this can leave them feeling more isolated and susceptible as they are at a greater threat of ending up being ill if they capture the virus.

No Isolations UK Director Harriet GridleyLoneliness doesnt discriminate on age, gender or across borders– it can impact anyone at any time, as exhibited in the current ONS survey of health and wellbeing and stress and anxiety throughout coronavirus, which suggests that as numerous as 7.4 million individuals across the UK, from differing age groups and backgrounds, have experienced sensations of isolation in the past month.

Interaction and the feeling of belonging are definitely vital for individuals of all ages to avoid sensation totally isolated. Keeping in regular contact with family and friends is among the best ways to fend off feelings of solitude, whether it is on the phone, sending a text or utilizing video tools.

In this short article, No Isolations UK Director Harriet Gridley talks about how assistive innovation can assist elderly people and people with dementia maintain vital contact throughout this difficult time and minimize feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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By eliminating all usernames and passwords, KOMP is easy to understand, offering users a sense of proficiency over the innovation immediately. Furthermore, throughout the research phases, it was found that a lot of senior citizens experience leathery and dry fingertips when they age, due to reduced blood flow, making it tough for them to utilize touchscreens. As such, one large, graspable button was added to ensure ease of use.

However, as lots of can testify, its not always simple to present newer kinds of technology to the lives of older good friends and family. As the Alzheimers Society reports, there are over presently 850,000 people in the UK aged over 65 who have dementia: usually struggling more than others to learn how to use brand-new technology.

When producing KOMP, modifying existing innovation simply wasnt an alternative. The style enables users to passively get images, calls and messages, indicating that there is no requirement for any kind of pre-existing digital skills.

Families can likewise still utilize the KOMP Family software application to send out pictures and messages to, and video call with, their family members.

In February this year, No Isolation also launched KOMP Pro for care suppliers, providing an alternate variation of the KOMP Family software application, which offers care homes extra performance including suggestions, a dementia-friendly calendar and clock. The additional functions allow care companies to send out citizens medication suggestions, share daily schedules and keep in contact.

KOMP is simple to establish and depends on a WiFi connection in the house. Additionally, a mobile broadband connection will likewise be sufficient.

Modern interaction gadgets and social networks suggest that more youthful generations have the ability to interact instantly by means of instantaneous messages, videos and voice notes; all exchanged within seconds, however elderly good friends and loved ones can often be excluded of the fun.

The screen is positioned at the seniors house; family and buddies can then connect and share content by means of the app. When the KOMP is switched on, the user will get the messages, video calls and pictures sent throughout the day.

No Isolation is a company established with the goal of lowering solitude and social isolation through the development of warm innovation. The company aims to take the most helpful components of social media and linked technology, then present them to the senior population in an item that is designed specifically for them and by them: the item was a joint development in between designers, families and elders.

Innovation can never change human to human connection, however it can help us build and keep those essential relationships in times where conference physically isnt possible. This is specifically essential for the more susceptible members of our society, as the elderly are a group that remain most at threat and thus needs to depend on virtual communication in place of physical conferences.

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