Infinitely configurable paediatric seating system launches for individualised support

Infinitely configurable paediatric seating system launches for individualised support

Leckey has revealed BeMe, a “ground-breaking”, infinitely configurable seating system that offers individualised assistance for children.

Created with the requirements of the child as the main focus, BeMe supplies support for posture, comfort and function through its interchangeability and configurability.

Appropriate for kids with moderate to complicated postural requirements, this seating system includes a universal element called the core, from which other parts can be quickly and easily attached and detached. It comes in three sizes and uses 3 seat alternatives, 3 back supports, high-low chassis, manual and power Sunrise Medical wheelchair bases, as well as interchangeable accessories in a series of complexities and sizes, making it simple to find the right assistance.

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Clinical Director for Leckey Dr Laura Finney included: “BeMe was designed to provide the best in comfort, function and posture, through its unique modularity and clever innovation that deals with a wide variety of children, of varying age, ability or need.

” This product is the conclusion of several years of research and development where we have listened to therapists, carers and moms and dads about the challenges they face with standard seating systems and we have actually responded. BeMe is spec and genuinely ground-breaking d to perfection, providing an entire new level of configurability and personalisation, to accomplish our overriding objective of fitting the chair to the child, instead of the child to the chair.”

” We have actually conducted long-term BeMe evaluations and were so encouraged to see children who have formerly been not able to tolerate other seating systems considerably gain from BeMe.

Ben Stocks, Managing Director at Leckey, commented: “We are incredibly thrilled to release BeMe, a product that will change seating and help transform the lives of lots of children and their households.

” BeMe has not only allowed children to accomplish an exceptional supported and comfortable seating position, however has actually made them more independent and confident in their day-to-day activities, empowering a kid to simply BeMe.”


This “development” in assistance technology envelopes the child, increasing pressure distribution and minimizing the need for additional devices such as pommels and hip guides.

One of the most exciting developments that BeMe has to provide, Leckey says, is the worlds first growable contoured cushion. While the advantages of contoured seating have actually long been identified in wheelchair style, BeMes contoured seat has actually taken these style concepts a step further, according to the producer, utilizing a high-stretch material and expandable foam to increase pelvic stability and convenience as the kid establishes and grows.

BeMe will initially introduce in the UK and Ireland, with additional launches scheduled in early 2022 in global markets.

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