Interactive seminar about balance and coordination to take place for OTs and PTs this week

Interactive seminar about balance and coordination to take place for OTs and PTs this week

Quest88 and TREAX Pads (UK), in conjunction with INNOVAID, will be holding their first interactive balance and coordination workshop on Thursday, March 11th at 11:00.

The sessions have been created to help parents, physical therapists (OTs), physio therapists (PTs), individuals and coaches who wish to discover more about how they can make balance and coordination training interactive and more motivating.

In this webinar, participants will be presented to the interactive TREAX Pads, which are used worldwide for training balance and coordination. They are widely utilized within the neurological sector along with part of rehabilitation programs after surgery.

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TREAX Pads is an ingenious training system for various type of training and motion. The system targets a variety of users and training circumstances, for example, rehabilitation after obtained brain injury, physical training for elderly, or development of kidss motor and cognitive skills.

The pads react to the touch of hands or feet and the systems different functions train the body in addition to the brain with the goal of improving system, motor and cognitive skills in a pleasant and amusing method.

In addition, the pads provide distinct feedback on all of their functions. This helps to inspire the user and makes it possible for everyone included to monitor improvements and examine development.

The session will last 45 people and minutes can register here


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