Medequip retains Wiltshire Community Equipment Contract to maintain product availability

Medequip retains Wiltshire Community Equipment Contract to maintain product availability

Medequip says the award shows its commitment to performance and worth in this arena and will work towards providing a more active and cost-effective service for users.

Having partnered with Wiltshire for over 15 years, Medequip’s brand-new five-year contract will begin on 1 April 2021, with a choice to extend for approximately two more years.

Community equipment professional Medequip has been designated to manage Community Equipment and Continence Services for Wiltshire for an additional five years, following a competitive tender process.

In addition, working to provide Wiltshire Commissioners higher levels of exposure and control over everyday operations, Medequip is investing in a brand-new end-to-end software application service including Microsoft Business Intelligence management reporting to simplify the supply chain. This includes an improved mobile working platform created to supply a more interactive, human face for service users in Wiltshire.

In June, Medequip was appointed by Medway Council to manage community equipment service arrangements throughout the location covered by the council, including Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham, and the Isle of Sheppey.

Medequip is likewise investing in its continence offering, executing automated replenishment services to make the process much easier and more simple for users, with a goal of offering a more cost-effective and responsive service.

In preparation, Medequip says it is preparing significant innovations and service enhancements to more improve neighborhood devices services provision for Wiltshire residents. The functional website will remain at Calne and will be upgraded and extended, carrying out a brand-new layout to help with increased capacity, effectiveness, and throughput.

” We are absolutely pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Wiltshire,” specified Michaela Harris, General Manager for Medequips South Western division. “The cooperation between our two organizations has actually been especially well shown when faced with the difficulties of COVID-19, where we have engaged on a weekly basis to preserve service and product accessibility, including suitable product alternatives to help with important medical facility discharges.”

“Medequip’s commitment to delivering an efficient and effective service in the ever-challenging environment of health and social care has reinforced our partnerships to incorporate care and better meet our population’s health and care requirements now and in the future.”

The new system will also optimize using recycled unique items, lowering expense, and enhancing the speed of delivery.

In a declaration about the new five-year neighborhood equipment agreement, the Wiltshire Commissioners stated: “We wish to take this opportunity to thank Medequip for the key role they have played over the years, to supply individuals of Wiltshire with devices and support to improve their lifestyle, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with the brand-new agreement.