New 24-hour telecare service to support hospital discharges and independent living

New 24-hour telecare service to support hospital discharges and independent living

Grand Union Housing Group, a not-for-profit real estate supplier, has actually launched a brand-new telecare service to assist senior and handicapped people throughout Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

It also supports healthcare facility discharges by allowing clients to live separately at house, increasing their wellbeing and minimizing pressure off the health and care system.

Life24 is a new alarm service that aims to transform the lives of the elderly and those dealing with long-lasting health conditions such as epilepsy, sensory disabilities and other disabilities.

Life24 users are offered with an individual alarm and expert sensors, which, when triggered, instantly notifies the groups professional call tracking centre. The call handler will then recognize an appropriate reaction, consisting of calling the emergency situation services or a chosen responder.

” Harley is only two and she has discovered to press the button if I pass out,” Leanna included. “She tells them that mummy is sleeping and the alarm group are so great with her, they keep her calm and talking while they telephone my mum on another line, and keep talking till my mum arrives. Its fantastic, I didnt anticipate that at all.”

Leanna McCartney, a 26-year-old from Bedfordshire, has Syncope– a condition that triggers her to pass out, which means she cant be left on her own. She utilizes the Life24 assistive technology service to notify her family if ever she falls.

Leannas two-year-old child has actually likewise been able to run the assistive technology system.

Developed for over 25 years, Grand Union Housing Group is a not-for-profit organisation that supplies 12,000 houses for more than 27,000 individuals throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

The service is personalized to provide extra assistance using the most current innovation and safety equipment such as fall detectors, bed and chair, door and epilepsy sensors. The emergency alarm links to a dedicated control centre 24 hr a day.

” Without the alarm I wouldnt have the ability to survive on my own, I would have to have full-time, 24/7 reside in care,” she said. “I can now be left on my own and have now had the ability to shower without having another person there, which couldnt occur for a couple of years.”

The housing group has been offering an assistive innovation service for its citizens for the previous 25 years, the brand-new telecare service offers 24/7 tracking and will be readily available to any citizen in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire who feel they would benefit from it.

Deborah Stuart, Director of Independent Living at Grand Union Housing Group, said: “Life24 is rather actually a lifeline for lots of people. It enables patients who are being discharged from medical facility, the elderly and long-term impairment victims of any age to cope with independence in their own house.

” The launch of Life24 commemorates the fact that the service is now available to anybody in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire; not just those who live in our houses. We hope it brings a sense of self-reliance and improved wellbeing to numerous people across the area.”