New device set to boost confidence of thousands living with stoma bags and ease pressure on NHS

New device set to boost confidence of thousands living with stoma bags and ease pressure on NHS

A brand-new device is set to “change” the lives of thousands coping with stoma bags along with conserve the NHS substantial time and expenditure with an injection of expert support from Heriot-Watt University.

In the UK alone, one in every 400 individuals undergoing a surgical procedure have a stoma bag to develop an opening in the body to release waste, the university underlines. The method is utilized to handle a variety and treat of medical conditions including numerous cancers, Crohns illness and bowel incontinence.

While people are motivated to lead a normal life, leakages from bags are typical, despite a variety of products on the marketplace. Leaks or the fear of leak leads to shame, loss of confidence and self-respect, and, sometimes, an unwillingness to take part or socialise in activities. Leaks can likewise seriously impact the skin triggering uncomfortable sores, which need regular treatment, the university stresses.

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In 2019, Anne employed the assistance of her veteran friend, Lisa Crombie, to assist her produce Confidence Plus, the business that has brought ConfiPlus to market.

” Because ConfiPlus is so absorbent, the user has time to go and change even if their bag does leak as the waste is absorbed by ConfiPlus. When I brought my style into the health center the next day and Iain tried it, everyone on the ward desired one and the nurses could not believe how reliable it was.”

Anne explained: “Iain was in hospital and in a single day, his bag dripped nine times. It is a gadget for dignity so individuals like Iain and I, regardless of age or the reason for using a bag, can live regular lives with higher confidence.

Lisa added: “There hasnt been a shake-up of the products on the market in years and there is little financial investment going back into design and advancement.

Stoma bag leaks cost the NHS substantial time and cash. Elderly clients can not be released from healthcare facilities if their bag leaks; this can block much-needed medical facility beds.

Now, a female is set to transform the lives of thousands with a creation which contains stoma bag leaks, drawing it away from the skin and permitting people time to alter their bag without embarrassment. Dealing With Heriot-Watt University to have actually the gadget noted on prescription, thousands look set to take advantage of the resulting lowered expenses.

” We want to bring the device to everybody who requires it by making it readily available on prescription and in care houses however, for a little business like ours, it is a difficult procedure to navigate the paths to have the gadget embraced by the NHS. That is why we have actually enlisted expert support from Heriot-Watt University.”

” It permits individuals to go to work using a white t-shirt, dip into school, or go out to supper pleased in the understanding that they wont have an embarrassing moment. It is frequently the worry of a leak that destroys someones self-confidence, so we have actually created an insurance coverage policy.

” Current devices try to stop leaks occurring in the first place with sticky dressings. This implies individuals dont understand theyve dripped up until its too late, and skin irritation takes place rapidly.

Anne Inch, 67, previously an energy business manager, and her spouse Iain, 68, both use stoma bags. An especially distressing health center stay for Iain encouraged Anne to take on the concern head-on.

Anne and Lisa, the creators of ConfiPlus

The big doughnut-shaped gadget fits around the stoma bag and is ideal for an ileostomy, urostomy or colostomy. If a leakage occurs, the super-absorbent medical-grade material draws it into the foam.

ConfiPlus is available now to purchase online direct from and available in shop at all Houlihan Pharmacies.

He said: “We recognise the extremely life changing capacity of this gadget for both clients and health care specialists, so we are supporting ConfiPlus by assisting them to introduce the product into scientific settings as quickly as possible.

The MDMC assists individuals and organisations to navigate the intricacies of medical device regulation and prepare item cases to help brand-new products to become available on prescription.

ConfiPlus is signed up with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is CE significant. It has also been created to fit all types of bags consisting of one piece closed, one piece drainable or two-piece bags.

” ConfiPlus is a video game changer for clients, nurses and the NHS. Companies that make ostomy supplies have a beneficial interest in making sure hospitals utilize business particular products, however ConfiPlus aims to shake up this approach.”

” Usually when you make a medical device for a health center, you can benchmark it with comparable items, but this item is distinct. Creating a medical evaluation is extremely difficult for an SME so this is where the MDMC can step in, find the right experts to encourage the business, discover the right healthcare facility for trials and maximise the opportunity of adoption quickly.


Professor Marc Desmulliez is the manager of the Medical Device Manufacturing Centre (MDMC) at Heriot-Watt University.

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” Our support is complimentary to SMEs as a method of supporting innovation in Scotland and beyond,” continued Professor Desmulliez. “While ConfiPlus is presently offered over the counter, we highly think that everybody must have the ability to wear their stoma bag with dignity and it should not be down to monetary capability to pay for an item of this type.

” Navigating the process of scientific examination is challenging and tortuous for new business. The NHS regulative landscape is always complex to protect clients, however it also decreases the intro of products that could save substantial cash for the NHS, decrease nurse intervention and totally free healthcare facility beds.”

” ConfiPlus is the first company to utilize in Scotland the brand-new tool developed by NICE in order to prepare an efficient health care innovation evaluation document.”

While individuals are encouraged to lead a typical life, leakages from bags are typical, in spite of a range of items on the market. Stoma bag leaks cost the NHS considerable time and cash. Elderly patients can not be launched from hospitals if their bag leaks; this can block much-needed medical facility beds. Anne explained: “Iain was in health center and in a single day, his bag leaked 9 times. The big doughnut-shaped device fits around the stoma bag and is appropriate for a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy .

Lisa Crombie concluded: “The support offered by MDMC is indispensable, assisting us to navigate the challenges of bringing this item to the broader public far more rapidly. The MDMC group at Heriot-Watt University is assisting us with access to expert suggestions. They fill a much-needed space for companies like ours. We likewise prepare to collaborate on future styles to combine the ConfiPlus with stoma bags for greater ease of use.