New falls device helps get people from the floor to standing safely and smoothly

New falls device helps get people from the floor to standing safely and smoothly

Mobility devices supplier AAT has actually launched a new falls device that aims to supply a more secure service for everyone involved in the post-fall pathway by removing physical lifting dangers for carers and providing a non-invasive lifting alternative for those who have actually had a fall.

Indeelift moves into position for it to lift, gently and efficiently, the fallen individual from floor to standing. The lifts style paired with integrated rise help handles and safety belts optimise stability throughout the procedure.

Indeelift is a mobile platform that selects individuals who have had a fall up from the flooring. The rechargeable battery-powered lift intends to eliminate all the issues trying to get a traditional hoist with sling into location, the business states.

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Indeelift is the newest addition to AATs series of handling and transfer equipment.


Peter Wingrave, AAT Director, stated: “Each care house experiences approximately at least three falls a month. The Care Inspectorate recommends as great practice using lifting equipment to optimise the security of citizens when they have fallen, in appropriate circumstances, as part of the post fall pathway procedure.

” Indeelift brings a brand-new, dignified method to that safe transfer. It is probably the least intrusive healing option, and provides the minimal threat, for the fallen individual- and care staff.”

A series of versions enable morbidly obese individuals (approximately 39 stone) to be lifted to their feet safely and with dignity.

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AAT recently got Class I medical device certification for its series of S-Max stairclimbers. To AATs understanding, the stairclimber is the only inter-floor transfer and gain access to devices that brings such accreditation.