New lightweight microprocessor hydraulic ankle clinically proven to give a smoother gait

New lightweight microprocessor hydraulic ankle clinically proven to give a smoother gait

Boasting a discreet, compact and light-weight design, ElanIC is medically shown to provide greater comfort, improved security, a smoother gait and well balanced limb loading.

Specialising in advanced prosthetics, Blatchford has actually released ElanIC, a compact and light-weight waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle for amputees.

Blatchford states the special functions of the new hydraulic ankle guarantees users do not need to compromise on the activities they enjoy.

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The innovative prosthetic supports the users health needs along with securing their bones and joints from the extra wear and tear that prevails for users of prosthetic limbs.

Including safe and simple induction charging innovation, ElanIC is sealed from the components, implying that the prosthetic is water resistant and providing users assurance.

By making it possible for the wearer to disperse weight evenly when strolling and standing, the outcome is a smoother, much safer, more natural strolling experience, Blatchford emphasises.

The microprocessor ankle simulates the natural function of the foot and ankle, adapting hydraulic resistance and supplying “exceptional” energy go back to give users stability on slopes, steps and unequal terrain.

See ElanIC in action listed below:

ElanIC also includes a standing support mode that increases resistance when fixed to assist improve balance, stability, lower effort and encourage a more natural posture.

In addition, ElanIC includes Blatchfords acclaimed biomimetic hydraulic technology which provides a variety of clinically proven benefits (from clinical research studies). This includes increased ground clearance, minimizing danger of journeys and falls; enhanced control and security on slop settlement; and increased walking speed.

Established in 1890, Blatchford is producer of prosthetic technology, bespoke seating services and orthotic gadgets.

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