New Medequip partnership recruiting panel members to improve community equipment service

New Medequip partnership recruiting panel members to improve community equipment service

In 2022, the collaboration prepares to hire a blended panel of representatives throughout London to assist enhance Medequips neighborhood devices service, which is presently covering over 200,000 people in 21 London Boroughs.

The goal of the new monthly panel conferences will be to combine service users, their loved ones and carers with neighborhood experts to help Medequip better comprehend what the company is succeeding, areas in requirement of improvement, and assist to cooperatively develop a development prepare for the services.

Neighborhood equipment expert Medequip has actually formed a new collaboration with an independent organisation that provides people a voice to form and improve health and social care services, Your Voice in Health and Social Care (YVHSC).

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Medequip is prompting service users, their loved ones and carers, in addition to neighborhood experts from appropriate charities, communities and voluntary sector groups, to consider signing up with the panel in a quote to improve the service throughout London.

The very first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 23rd March, fulfilling monthly for roughly six months to finish the initial work.

To make sure the finest outcome for Medequip service users and those associated with their care, the panels role will be to encourage, guide and support the job in a collective way, supported by YVHSC providing on choices made by the panel.

Role information:

Voluntary role
Monthly meetings
Costs paid
Apply February 2022
Meeting 23rd March 2022

Secret info and benefits of volunteering with YVHSC:

This will be used at first as a virtual voluntary opportunity, with want to meet in person in the future, as the coronavirus scenario modifications.
Appropriate expenditures, including carers back-fill, will be paid per YVHSCs expenses policy.
Participants will have access to all YVHSCs training resources and be a part of a network of over 250 volunteers.
This is a social role where you will fulfill new people and work closely as a group.

” This will impact over 200,000 susceptible individuals in London. We are proud to be a part of this exciting initiative.”

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” This co-production piece is the start of a journey that will ensure Medequips valued services can better show the needs of the community and that the neighborhood can get an ever-improving service.

Tim Spilsbury, CEO of YVHSC mentioned, “We are delighted to be partnering with Medequip on a project that offers people a genuine voice to shape and improve Medequip services.


For additional information or to register your interest in signing up with the panel, please call 07944 391 223 or email