New two-way powered swivel seat to enable more “life-changing” adaptations for clients

New two-way powered swivel seat to enable more “life-changing” adaptations for clients

A new two-way powered swivel seat option on Handicares premium curved stairlift system, the Freecurve, suggests a “life-changing” house adaptation is now possible for more customers.

This brand-new feature offers users enhanced safety and convenience when using a Freecurve stairlift in their house.

Individuals with narrow staircases and challenging designs in landings and halls will be able to ride in convenience with the Freecurve in a rotated position and advantage from the improved security of a 90-degree swivel at the top of the stairs, with no rail overrun required.

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The Freecurve two-way powered swivel alternative is available on the Elegance, Alliance and Classic seats and continues to be offered with one-way powered and manual swivel alternatives. The two-way powered swivel changes the Freecurve Turn and Go and can be retrofitted on lifts currently installed.


Appropriate for staircases with curves or landings as narrow as 690mm, the Freecurve two-way powered swivel seat permits the user to travel in a balanced out position to prevent their knees clashing with repaired barriers during the ride. The angle can be easily changed on-site from the default 65-degree setting to 45, 85 or 90 degrees as required.

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Handicare just recently kept major contracts with Glasgow City Council and Gateshead Council to provide, install, service, repair work, and get rid of stairlifts and patient handling devices. These adjustment agreements will assist alleviate pressure on the local authorities so that they can focus resources on supporting their neighborhoods during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

To further protect users taking a trip in the balanced out position, a security belt with an interlock switch is available. New technology also implies the non-handed choice is more dependable, runs at a reduced noise level and allows users to dismount securely on multiple landings if needed.

This two-way powered swivel function requires no additional training and is simple to set up, according to Handicare.

Once at the top of the staircase, the seat then swivels 90 or 85 degrees in the opposite instructions to permit the user to dismount safely and firmly. Theres likewise the possibility of zero invasion at the top of the staircase to avoid any blockage of doorways on the landing.