Nursing home remains COVID-free thanks to cutting-edge assistive tech

Nursing home remains COVID-free thanks to cutting-edge assistive tech

Installed in 2019, the Tunstall Carecom care assist system allowed Park View to avoid any coronavirus cases by making it possible for care to be provided in unique bubbles, and automatically and discreetly informing personnel if a resident necessary support. Personnel were divided into 3 teams and allocated to care for particular locals, minimizing the danger of cross infection and allowing locals to be looked after whilst separating if required.

Park View Care Home had ingenious wireless innovation installed in the structure by telecare service provider Tunstall Healthcare.

Unlike conventional systems that count on repaired call points, the assistive technology reduces disturbance during installation and enhances communication in between personnel and citizens.

Tunstall CarecomA assisted living home in Halifax has actually exposed it has avoided any cases of COVID-19 because the pandemic hit the UK, thanks to a “advanced” nurse call system from Tunstall Healthcare.

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” By purchasing cutting edge health tech, we were able to keep things as regular as possible for homeowners, even during the height of lockdown when they could not see their families.

Jason Sharpe, Operations Manager at Park View, commented: “Embracing brand-new innovations has actually allowed us to secure every one of our locals during the pandemic and this wouldnt have actually been possible without the innovation weve had set up. It has successfully enabled us to have our own Track and Trace systems, and having sensors in the locals rooms meant we understood they were safe in between our checks.

Tunstall Healthcare recently obtained Dutch firm Secuvita, allowing pioneering healthcare options to be offered across the Netherlands and benefitting approximately 70,000 existing Secuvita users.

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” Despite the difficulties postured by the pandemic, Carecom has provided us so much time back, suggesting we can provide our citizens even higher levels of care, and supply their households with a greater level of reassurance. Weve been able to increase spirits and personnel are feeling better in their jobs. I do not know how other care houses have handled without it, and I d highly encourage them to consider how they can use innovation to enhance the quality of life for the people in their care.”

Throughout the pandemic, the assistive technology supported 10 team member to move into the house complete time and isolate to guarantee round the clock tracking of homeowners, along with different areas of the structure being sectioned off while still providing a typical level of care.

The system likewise enables care to end up being person-centred, rather than room-centred, as homeowners each have their own sensing units according to their requirements, which can be activated from throughout the home, making care more efficient and versatile. The system supports a less restrictive technique, as the innovation handles threats that may otherwise require citizens movements to be restricted for security reasons, such as falls.


” Despite the obstacles positioned by the pandemic, Carecom has actually offered us a lot time back, suggesting we can offer our citizens even greater levels of care, and offer their households with a higher level of peace of mind. Weve been able to enhance morale and personnel are feeling better in their tasks. I dont know how other care homes have handled without it, and I d highly motivate them to consider how they can utilize technology to enhance the lifestyle for individuals in their care.”