Online independent living aid retailer launches virtual occupational therapy service

Online independent living aid retailer launches virtual occupational therapy service

The brand-new Occupational Therapy Assessment Service provides a customised, one-to-one assessment with among Complete Care Shops completely qualified (registered with the Health and Care Professions Council) physical therapists over WhatsApp, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Providing a bespoke evaluation and advice to older individuals or those coping with disease or disability, the brand-new service, carried out by means of a video call, supplies a professional and tailored report detailing methods of maintaining self-reliance in their own home.

Following a shift to more digital access of services as an outcome of the pandemic, online independent living help store Total Care Shop has announced the launch of a brand-new occupational therapy service.

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Rachel Seabrook, Clinical Services Director at Complete Care Shop, commented: “Most people naturally wish to do everything they can to ensure they can carry on doing the things that are very important to them for as long as possible in spite of aging or having a special needs. For the majority of us that includes staying in our own houses.

” We ask people what is crucial to them right now, what they are able to do and the capabilities they have and we listen to individualss aggravations, for example being not able to lift the kettle to make a cup of tea safely,” Rachel continued. “Too often we hear individuals extremely upset that they are finding things they utilized to be able to do more difficult, yet when we talk it through with them we find that frequently there is a basic solution to what looks like a huge issue.

” If you or your loved one is starting to need more assistance at house and you d like to see an expert rapidly then we can work with you to examine the house environment and produce a report offering suggestions, suggestions and assistance to help make daily life simpler. Getting help and suggestions from an Occupational Therapist now could assist you to delight in life more totally and keep doing the things you love to do.”

” As we are all now utilizing online services for daily jobs like shopping, banking and making video calls to liked ones, the time was right for us to use a virtual evaluation with an Occupational Therapist to supply a customised, rapid and proactive option to those who may be experiencing troubles and are unsure of where to turn for help.”

The occupational treatment assessment via video call expenses ₤ 195, excluding VAT, with VAT relief for qualified people applied in the checkout.

She noted that little modifications can make a huge difference to a customers daily life, which might not have actually been considered before.

During the assessment, the occupational therapist (OT) will go over any difficulties the individual might be experiencing in getting around and performing everyday jobs such as battling with bathing, dressing, toileting, movement, dexterity, strength and personal care or living with conditions such as dementia, arthritis and incontinence.

The OT will have the ability to discuss this with the person and their household to understand what is important for them personally to be able to do in your home and how this can be attained, as well as assess the environment to examine any minor adaptions to the home or alternative solutions to support independent living. This report can be used to form part of a continuous personal health care plan.

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Just recently, the outsourced supplier celebrated its 1 year anniversary of dealing with Southampton City Council to support people in the neighborhood to live separately.

Over the past year, the provider has provided more than 1,800 tools monthly to individuals in the Southampton community and surpassed its target by recycling 83 percent of returned devices, ready for future usage.

Total Care Shop is a trading name of Nottingham Rehab Ltd., widely called NRS Healthcare.

NRS Healthcare is a supplier of mobility equipment and special needs help and provider of associated services helping people independently in their own houses. NRS Healthcare is the unique outsourced service provider for a great deal of local authorities throughout the UK.