Online platform to give patients information about their care as NHS tackles backlog

Online platform to give patients information about their care as NHS tackles backlog

In this first phase, around 5.5 million patients– of the six million on the overall waiting list– will be able to search on the site to find the typical waiting time at their local hospital for the expert area they require treatment in.

Built in coordination with client groups, My Planned Care is among the current measures in a significant plan of relocations by the NHS to take on the COVID stockpile. The platform will allow clients and their carers to access information ahead of their planned appointment, operation or treatment through the touch of a button.

Countless clients on the waiting list for NHS care will have the ability to gain access to support and check wait times easily and quickly with the launch of a new online platform.

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The statement of the brand-new online platform follows the publication of the NHS elective care stockpile healing strategy, which set out the services strategy for clearing elective backlogs triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Targeted bundles of assistance will be presented to support those clients waiting for treatments with the longest waits or those with the greatest need.

Future growth of the service will also include suggestions on stopping cigarette smoking along with on diet and workout, to help patients prepare yourself for surgical treatment and make sure they recover as quickly as possible.

My Planned Care will be expanded in the coming months, the NHS states, to include personalised information and support for clients on the waiting list to assist them remain well while they wait, consisting of guidance on how finest to handle signs.

GPs and primary care groups will also be able to access the information, assisting them to have more educated conversations with their patients.

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Professor Stephen Powis, National Medical Director at NHS England, stated: “Treating more than 600,000 covid patients in hospital over the last two years has inevitably had an effect on regular care and staff are doing everything they can to lower the stockpiles that have actually inevitably developed.

NHS personnel will likewise be encouraged to think about how they can make use of social prescribing link workers and care co-ordinators to support clients while they are awaiting care.


The platform is part of the services strategies to give clients more control over their own health and enhanced experience. Data from 137 NHS Trusts throughout England will be on the site, hosted by

” Alongside new surgical hubs to increase operations and Community Diagnostic Centres to offer faster diagnoses closer to home, the My Planned Care platform will help us put clients in control.”

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid added: “This very first of its kind platform will provide countless clients more certainty over their own care no matter who they are or where they live.

” We understand that it can be annoying for clients who are waiting therefore this online website will assist to provide clients and their families crucial information about for how long they may have to wait, assisting them feel more notified about their treatment plan.”