Partnership to deliver next-generation preventative telecare services to council’s residents

Partnership to deliver next-generation preventative telecare services to council’s residents

Presently, more than 3,500 Wirral citizens have actually been assessed as qualified for the boroughs telecare deal.

An innovative new council program will see upwards of ₤ 1.5 million invested to change telecare services for countless locals in Wirral over the next few years.

The brand-new scheme will see Wirral Council introduce next-generation telecare services– moving the focus from reacting to crisis occasions (such as accidents or falls), to preventing them. The task will be delivered along with Wirrals commissioned community equipment and telecare care, service provider, and medequip innovation specialist Alcuris.

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No electronic camera innovation or imaging will be utilized as part of the scheme, Medequip highlights, so that individuals can preserve their personal privacy.

” We have excellent self-confidence in this job, working along with Medequip and Alcuris, to evaluate a new method to telecare which, can be presented to benefit citizens throughout the district.”

Medequip Connect becomes part of Medequip Assistive Technology, one of the UKs significant companies of neighborhood services equipment. Medequip has partnered with Wirral Council on telecare and other support services for several years.

In September, Medequip Connect introduced 2 online services that help and inform both specialists and individuals in identifying and sourcing the best equipment for independent living. They are provided complimentary of charge without any commitment to buy.

Movement sensing units, put within the home, will make it possible for family members and assistance services to find activity and make sure the safety and health and wellbeing of individuals. Smart plugs will assist to indicate whether gadgets like kettles and microwaves are being used to guarantee that vulnerable people are drinking and eat.

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Graham Hodkinson, Director of Adults, Health and Strategic Commissioning for Wirral Council, said: “The shift to digital innovation presents us with valuable opportunities to lower medical facility admissions for these locals, benefitting countless family networks. Adjusting to new methods of working will help us to keep people safe and well, while maintaining their independence by enabling them to live in their own homes for longer.

Alex Nash, founder and CEO of Alcuris, commented: “We are enjoyed become part of this improvement at scale by Wirral Council and their partner Medequip Connect. We are delighted to be setting the requirement in a digital care system that links services, individuals and information and makes it possible for smart care choices at the speed of life.”

” The genuine worth from digital services comes not simply from digitising existing support but from the opportunity to upgrade care provision, underpinned by digital technology, to satisfy future and existing challenges.”

Informal carers and families will be able to access brand-new tools to support household members they take care of remotely. These tools can offer positive peace of mind when all is well and informs when things assist or alter is required.

Identifying the signs of somebody ending up being unwell, or observing a change in habits that may suggest an issue, allows families and services to intervene and avoid small concerns from ending up being big issues.

As part of the change, Wirral Council is developing greater partnership working in between the digital telecare service, social care, and health care services.

Wirral Council is one of the UKs very first local authorities to transfer residents from analogue telecare systems to brand-new next-generation services at this scale. The digital system will create chances for early, preventative interventions and lower healthcare facility admissions. New devices that can find signs of health wear and tear, such as smart plugs and motion sensing units, will be presented this month.


David Griffiths, Managing Director at Medequip Assistive Technology, added: “We are pleased to develop on our long relationship with Wirral Council and to welcome Alcuris into the Medequip Connect Digital Partnership.