Remote auto-folding powerchair to give users greater freedom due to compact size

Remote auto-folding powerchair to give users greater freedom due to compact size

The AUTOFOLD Powerchair includes numerous brand-new features to provide a simple and comfy trip to help enhance the user experience. It has an elegant modern-day style that remote-folds to a compact size.

Following user feedback mentioning that they choose an auto-folding function over manually folding powerchairs, Drive DeVilbiss has launched its first AUTOFOLD Powerchair to give users greater liberty and self-reliance.

It features a remote-control function that enables the chair to be quickly folded or unfolded in seconds via clicking a button. The more compact nature of these folding powerchairs indicates theyre much easier to deal with, transport and store, Drive highlights, making them an especially great option for people on the go.

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Previously this year, Drive DeVilbiss launched 2 new electrical profiling bed families for the long-lasting care sector. The Bradshaw and Casa Elite varies boast cross-compatible accessories and ingenious modular designs.

The assistive gadget also includes shock-absorbing front suspension to help provide extra comfort for a smoother trip. Other features include useful under-seat storage, flip-up armrests, an user-friendly smart controller, and a deep comfort cushion and backrest.

” The AUTOFOLD Powerchair has a fresh new style and trendy black and silver wheel centers that certainly stand out.”

Dallas Newsham, International Category Manager at Drive DeVilbiss, stated: “In addition to its exceptional Remote AUTOFOLD operation this new design consists of a flip up footrest with non-slip PU finish and extra storage with a back seat pocket. It also features a much larger weight capability than its predecessor, having the ability to take an excellent 150kg.

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