Rise & Recline to showcase two new adjustable chairs at the OT Show

Rise & Recline to showcase two new adjustable chairs at the OT Show

Increase & & Recline Infinity Plus

Director Nigel Morley and National Sales Manager Craig Negri will be offered to demonstrate these newest products and answer any questions.

Occurring from 24th-25th November 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham, the OT Show is an annual exhibition for occupational therapists (OTs). It gives them the chance to discover new assistive technologies from exhibitors, get CPD-accredited experience by participating in workshops and lectures, and network with other OTs

On stand D59 next week, Rise & & Recline will be showcasing its new Infinity and Infinity Plus chairs to OTS, who play a key function in evaluating and recommending items to clients.

A UK maker of bespoke adjustable chairs and beds, Rise & & Recline will be debuting 2 new chairs at the OT Show this month.

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Increase & & Recline Infinity Plus

For more details on the full variety of bespoke adjustable chairs and beds readily available from Rise & & Recline, call 0115 913 3572, e-mail info@riseandrecline.co.uk or go to the site

The Infinity has an optimum user weight of 25 stone and is readily available with a detailed range of basic functions, which include a leg rest weight limitation of 15 stone, independent direct drive foot section operation, and automatic back relief whilst the user moves to a standing position. It provides clients a broad option of postural positions with the tilt-in-space function being used in a range of methods, depending on the requirements of the user.

Nigel Morley, Director of Rise & & Recline, commented: “We are pleased to be showcasing these latest 2 additions to our product portfolio at The OT Show. OTs play an essential role in the assessment and prescribing of our items so to have the chance to engage with a lot of from around the UK, show our most current 2 chairs and discuss our complete product variety in a relaxed atmosphere will be vital to us as a service.”

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Additional functions consist of detachable seat and leg rest wraps for ease of cleaning, five back and arm rest style alternatives, left- or right-sided handset holding loop and carers loop, and an emergency situation battery back-up.

Should someone need no motion in the footrest or back-rest, the Infinity can be used as a simple tilt-in-space chair. Should the user choose to maintain a seat-to-back angle while reclining and elevating their hips and feet, the single motor tilt-in-space can achieve this. By utilizing the dual tilt-in-space, the client can take pleasure in independent leg rest and back motion while likewise benefitting from automated back relief by having a straighter postural position when aligning the chair.

Complementing the Infinity will be the brand-new Infinity Plus, which includes all the functions found in the Infinity however with an increased optimum user weight capability of 40 stone, with an optimum vibrant leg rest capacity of 25 stone.