Smart air cushion pressure monitor with real-time insights for wheelchair users and therapists launches

Smart air cushion pressure monitor with real-time insights for wheelchair users and therapists launches

Alongside offering users assurance that their air cushion is properly inflated, LUCI+A ir gives users essential details about how much time they invest sitting, how typically they are off-loading from their cushion, and their heart rate.

US-based business LUCI, which makes modern-day movement services, has announced the launch of a “advanced” clever air cushion pressure monitor called LUCI+A ir.

The development is a first-of-its-kind wise air cushion pressure screen to offer wheelchair users constant, simple and easy and real-time tracking about their cushion and skin health. It assures to takes the guesswork and stress out of air cushion inflation.

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This ingenious smart pressure monitor will be readily available to existing LUCI powerchair users quickly, according to the business. It works with most air-filled cushions consisting of single-valve cushions, or multi-chamber cushions that can be set to run as a single chamber.


Discover out more about LUCI+A ir here.

LUCI+A ir works with the accompanying MyLUCI app to display the information users require to handle their skins health. Notably, users can decide in to share their seating health information with their healthcare professional to ensure they are satisfying their pressure injury avoidance objectives.

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The LUCI powerchair gadget, which prevents crashes and harmful drop-offs, was hailed among TIMEs Best Inventions of 2020 under the Accessibility classification. It can be retrofitted to powerchairs to offer carers and users practical updates about both the chair and the user, such as possible tipping circumstances and battery life status.

LUCI+A ir is likewise lightweight, compact and resilient, with security versus water and dust.

Therapists can suggest a particular seating program for their customers to specify the period of time they must unload and the interval of time in between unloading movements.

Functions of the cushion and accompanying app include customised and accurate “time-in-seat” information, goal-setting for the length of time users have actually been sitting, keeping an eye on the cushions inflation level every minute, signaling users if the cushion is not correctly inflated, and notifying enjoyed ones if there is a concern.