Smart home tech set to revolutionise independent living in care homes

Smart home tech set to revolutionise independent living in care homes

Smart meters and associated innovations are being used to keep track of for health-related events around the house as part of a ground-breaking new trial led by The University of Edinburghs School of Informatics in partnership with housing and care specialist Blackwood Residences and Care and Scottish Development Centre, The Data Lab.

The “advanced” Smart Meters for Independent Living (SMILE) job will see the consortium establish and check artificial intelligence and expert system (AI) approaches to evaluate energy use information from consenting residents smart meters, producing a view of their everyday regimens and identifying uncommon changes in behaviour which might cause issue.

Blackwood Homes and Care provides a series of accessible real estate for people with impairments and older people.

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” If we can show the concept of the innovation with this project, then we have an opportunity to provide a security web for susceptible people, to recognize patterns of decline and supply early intervention, possibly saving lives and decreasing health center admissions.”

The technology also has the prospective to be used as a decision support tool, the university highlights, implying that if it discovers a resident getting up regularly throughout the care, night and health professionals can examine whether they need changes in their assistance.

Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, said: “This job has the potential to form the method we see artificial intelligence and AI in social care settings, by empowering people to tackle their daily routines without worry and just get carer intervention when required.

Machine knowing algorithms utilize energy usage patterns to determine the timing of individualss pertinent activities in the house, looking for modifications that must be flagged up. The system will then alert the individual, their loved one or carer, enabling a choice on the very best course of action to be made.

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” The SMILE task is funded as part of The Data Lab Collaborative Innovation program and additional reinforces the relationship in between Blackwood Homes and The Data Lab, cementing the relationship for more assistance in regards to skills, network gain access to and external financing assistance in the years ahead.

Last month, Blackwood Homes and Care released a special collection of 24 homes including “innovative” innovation to transform the lives of people with disabilities.

Findings of the trial are expected to be published in fall 2021. The job is also supported by CareBuilder, Hildebrand, Mydex CIC & & Smart Energy GB.

The trial started in November 2019 and, in spite of some hold-ups triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, is presently analysing energy usage information in numerous homes across Scotland.

Digital assistance through Blackwoods digital care system, CleverCogs, enables homeowners to control of all aspects of your home.


” Were proud to be associated with such a forward-thinking task and anticipate receiving the initial findings quickly. It is another wonderful example of information being utilized as a force for good.”

The aspiration is that the new predictive digital technology will provide an extra service to complement the traditional proactive push button personal alarm used by residents– particularly aiding people with dementia and those who may be puzzled, might forget or be unable to trigger their current alarm.

People and their enjoyed carers or ones can set particular rules for the system, informing it which modifications in routine are a cause for concern. The period of a shower being longer than normal or a modification to regular cooking schedules, which might suggest that an event has actually happened.

Colin Foskett, Head of Innovation at Blackwood Homes, stated: “At Blackwood we are always looking for methods of allowing our customers to live more individually. The UK wise meter rollout programme provides an opportunity to utilize energy use information for great.

The innovative houses include automated sliding pocket doors, blinds and fluctuate surfaces, sinks and cabinets, allowing individuals with a broad series of mobility concerns to live individually. Other special functions include contemporary restrooms fitted with a fluctuate sink, a self-cleaning toilet and a fully-adjustable shower.

” Scotland has an aging population, and in the next couple of years we require to discover new methods to provide the very best possible social care versus a background of stretched resources and falling carer numbers. Machine knowing and AI can be a non-invasive way to do this and will likewise encourage higher personalisation of care based on an individuals data.