Smart powerchair accessory hailed one of the best accessibility inventions of 2020

Smart powerchair accessory hailed one of the best accessibility inventions of 2020

Releasing previously this year in the US, LUCI can be retrofitted to powered wheelchairs to give carers and users useful updates about both the chair and the user, such as prospective tipping circumstances and battery life status.

LUCI, a pioneering powerchair gadget that prevents accidents and harmful drop-offs, has actually been named one of TIMEs Finest Innovations of 2020 under the Availability classification.

TIME Magazine assembled its Best Inventions of 2020 list by obtaining elections from its editors and reporters internationally and through an online application process. It then examined each contender on crucial elements, consisting of creativity, imagination, aspiration, effectiveness and effect.

TIME keeps in mind the often-overlooked problem of powerchairs being prone to tipping and accidents, with some mobility gadgets weighing over 180kg, which can cause severe injuries like broken bones.

Assisting to deal with these concerns, the LUCI mobility device connects to powerchairs and uses sensing units to keep track of the chairs environment.

The innovation is the brainchild of Grammy-nominated songwriter Barry Dean, LUCIs Founder and CEO, whose 19-year-old child Katherine has spastic paralysis and has used a wheelchair her entire life.

As riders guide their chair with a joystick, LUCI gathers data that figures out safe paths and modifies the chairs response, like decreasing before an unanticipated drop-off or halting to avoid an accident. An associated app, the MyLUCI portal, enables users to track and share information such as their chairs charging status and area.