Sneak Peek: Summit DD Facilities Renovation Progress

Sneak Peek: Summit DD Facilities Renovation Progress

Pardon our Dust!

On May 6, 2021, Summit DD formally began on the Cuyahoga Falls Center remodellings. We celebrated by hosting a ceremony with lots of partners and community leaders, including Mayor Don Walters and County Executive Ilene Shapiro.

Restorations are underway at both the Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls facilities. As we shared in December 2020, Summit DD sold its 29-acre Tallmadge school and is refurbishing our Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls buildings to offer staff higher access to all of the communities of Summit County.

Progress at both areas is moving along well, with the anticipated reopening of the Barberton area to occur in late September and Cuyahoga Falls in December of 2021. We cant wait!

” We all understand at Summit DD that we can not accomplish our goal of assisting create a welcoming neighborhood without our partners,” commented Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk. “The continuous support that we get enables Summit DD to perform our objective of helping more than 5,000 individuals with developmental impairments attain their fullest life potential someone at a time.”

See our Progress

Examine out the development listed below. And make sure to check back for updated photos throughout the summertime.