Southwark Council adopts virtual approach to prescribing daily living solutions

Southwark Council adopts virtual approach to prescribing daily living solutions

Arranged in coordination with stairclimber service provider AAT, the virtual meeting allowed the occupational treatment team to check out the variety of devices readily available and think about how these can be accessorized to acquire insight into the practical considerations in prescribing a stairclimber.

The social care team at Southwark Council is utilizing virtual technology to enable them to more effectively recommend practical results to support activities of daily living and enable people to remain in their houses.

The Authority’s Children & & Adult Services department at Southwark Council is utilizing remote video conferencing as a platform to offer training on the functionalities and technicalities of stairclimbers as a realistic intervention.

” With current working practices since of COVID, a virtual session was the closest we might come. Adoption of such new practice is important for our group to continue to build on our expert skills, and provide outcomes to enhance people’s health and wellbeing, where stairs or actions present as environmental barriers to involvement in everyday living.

AAT virtual technical training sessions assist physical therapists and adjustments teams to prescribe services in the current socially distanced times.

” The AAT virtual workshop was useful and intriguing. It gave our clinicians the needed understanding of what might be a technically practical alternative with more complicated devices prescription, that may not otherwise have been considered.”

The business can also assist with home evaluations, be it from another location or personally, with suitable social distancing procedures applied for each circumstance.

Gareth Brown, AAT Technical Director, commented: “If someone has impaired movement, the understanding, on the whole, is that they need a fairly significant adjustment to their house to enable them to get up and down stairs.

” With COVID impacting a lot on the functionality of occupational therapy teams across the country to carry out home assessments and expedite adjustments, there is a growing need for alternative techniques that are reasonable, useful interventions.

AAT virtual training can be arranged by contacting the office via or 01978 821875

Clare Weale, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist at Southwark Council, stated: “We require to have practical sessions to establish a technical structure regarding what is possible and for that reason reasonable as an intervention.

” Virtual conferencing is becoming an accepted method for meetings, house assessments, and CPD sessions. It made rational sense to Southwark and us to extend its application for technical training, in circumstances where the health care experts need to really see how the function and scope of a gadget can be appropriate, and how it incorporates with the PEOP model for a favorable result.”