Study indicates 80 percent of participants with Parkinson’s would benefit from using a rollator

Study indicates 80 percent of participants with Parkinson’s would benefit from using a rollator

It is known that workout has a favorable effect on the physical health of Parkinsons clients, the manufacturer highlights. A rollator geared up with different cues or triggers can get rid of obstructive signs so that they will walk typically and for longer.

Movement devices producer Rollz International has actually revealed the results of a current research study, showing that auditory, tactile and visual cues can assist break the freeze of gait seen in people with Parkinsons.

The research study, performed by the research study group Assistive Technology for Mobility and Sports and Expert Center Human Movement Technology from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, reveals that 80 percent of the Parkinsons clients who took part in the research benefited from using Rollz Parkinsons rollator with different cues.

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The research study included Parkinsons clients who utilize a walker in life. Using the Rollz Motion Rhythm, these individuals had to complete a barrier course two times (consisting of bends, constrictings, a slalom, and coming to a stop and leaving once again).

Earlier this year, Rollz released the Rollz Flex 2 rollator, which assures to offer “unequaled” comfort, stability and style for handicapped and senior customers. Developed upon customer feedback, the rollator supports an active way of life and is lightweight for travelling and shopping.

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Around 90 percent of the individuals in the study indicated that they took advantage of the sound signal and nearly half experienced a favorable effect from the vibrations. Both cues indicate the strolling rhythm and assist the user to remain in the personally set walking rhythm.

The laser line does not seem of included worth for each Parkinsons client, however it can help to get moving from a standstill.

The research study exposed: “Which hint works finest in supporting the gait pattern in Parkinsons clients differs from individual to person and depends upon the severity of the illness.

Rollz Motion Rhythm features a rhythmic noise signal, vibrating handles and a laser line projected on the ground. The rollator is linked to a mobile app, with which the cues can be adjusted and customised.

” Because the Rollz Motion Rhythm has three kinds of cues, the frequency and intensity of which can be set through the accompanying app, the Rollz Motion Rhythm can provide assistance to a large group of patients: 80 percent of the individuals indicated that they would gain from using the Rollz Motion Rhythm.”