Survey uncovers what disabled people are most concerned about when returning to venues in the UK

Survey uncovers what disabled people are most concerned about when returning to venues in the UK

Handicapped access evaluation website Euans Guide has actually published the arise from its most current study, which clarifies what disabled individuals are most concerned about when returning to places as lockdown constraints start to lift throughout the UK.

The Covid Concerns and Precautions Survey, which happened from the 18th of June 2020 to 19th of July 2020, asked 450 disabled individuals about their views on lockdown constraints being relieved and how this would straight affect them.

Euans Guides study addresses: the concerns disabled people have about checking out locations post-lockdown; what safety measures and actions will make it much safer and simpler for them to visit locations; where they plan to go; how they prepare for their journey; and what activities they wish to see stay offered in online formats.

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Commenting on the study findings, Euan MacDonald, Co-Founder of Euans Guide, stated: “As lockdown limitations ease, we wish to ensure that disabled people feel positive and safe in finding places to go or returning to places that they currently know.

” Venues require to share current and in-depth details on their Covid preventative measures and handicapped gain access to online. This details works to anyone and everyone that wishes to stay safe after being so mindful in the previous few months.”

Concerns about checking out places

To help tackle this concern, Euans Guide recently developed some face mask exemption badges, which are created to assist handicapped individuals easily and clearly interact their exemption status to others to help them feel more comfy going to locations where the bulk of people will be wearing face coverings.

When asked about the issues that disabled people have about going to locations post-lockdown, 82 percent highlighted that their top concern was people not appreciating and honouring social distancing.

Another worry laid out within the study is handicapped people being evaluated or challenged for not using face masks.

Almost three-quarters of participants said not having access to locations toilets or public toilets when exterior was a top issue for them and majority of disabled people said needing to queue or wait outdoors locations, particularly when weather condition is bad, is a concern for them too.

One study participant commented: “People not comprehending impairments and surprise specials needs and believing we are simply declining to wear a mask and not following rules.”

Requirements to assist handicapped individuals go back to locations

Handicapped people were also requested their leading requirements that places might implement to motivate them to check out securely.

Another leading concern highlighted in the survey was having clear markings to make sure individuals social distance in venues. Disabled individuals likewise suggested that touch-free doors (78 percent), limiting the number of visitors in store at any one time (74 percent) and using one-way systems (68 percent) would also make them feel more comfy to return to shops.

A frustrating 84 percent agreed that having access to sanitising stations that are at an available height would help them go back to locations. 83 percent included that having an accessible route that disabled individuals can browse separately would likewise help them visit locations again.


Following the arise from the survey, Euans Guide has actually recommended a number of actions that locations should follow to assist execute necessary modifications for disabled people.

This includes: evaluating the findings of the study and performing needed changes to welcome handicapped people back; guaranteeing that any existing COVID preventative measures do not adversely effect on the shops special needs access; and thinking about how locations can continue to offer online services, as this has actually assisted open up chances to handicapped people that have actually formerly been inaccessible.

Euans Guide also suggests that venues share information about their disability gain access to and coronavirus safety measures to further support handicapped people.

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