Uni researchers trial innovative app to help over-50s remain independent for longer

Uni researchers trial innovative app to help over-50s remain independent for longer

A research project at the University of Strathclyde is exploring what assists the over-50s in Scotland stay active, independent and healthy for longer through using a totally free app that recommends physical activities.

Scientists on the Still Going Project at the university are utilizing the LifeCurve App, which encourages people how to retain or regain their functional independence.

The complimentary app is based upon research by Newcastle University and developed by ADL Smartcare. It is based upon a model of aging which shows that as individuals age, they lose the ability to do daily activities in a relatively foreseeable order if they age typically.

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Still Going Project Lead Susan Kelso, who is doing the task as part of a PhD, included: “People do not typically realise they that by doing things for their loved ones to be kind, they might be making them less able.

The functional activities include things such as climbing up stairs, making a meal, shopping, getting dressed and household chores are crucial independent living markers. There are likewise 4 strength and physical fitness points, which assist people who have not yet lost the ability to perform activities of daily living to keep their self-reliance for as long as possible.

The LifeCurve App assists individuals to learn how they are ageing and after that provides a variety of recommended evidence-based activities to help the person preserve their ability or restore it where it has actually been lost.

” We did a survey in Scotland of 15,000 people getting health and social care services, that revealed many individuals were being seen far too late in the journey to make a substantial distinction to their aging journey.

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” The only way to have an excellent influence on that functional decline journey was for people to get the message that practical decrease is not unavoidable and they can utilize the app to help them remain independent. Throughout COVID-19 numerous more people have been less active, so its much more important.”

” Even if you are coping with continuous paid assistance or in a care home, individuals have shown through small tests of modification, that their functional capability can be improved. The World Health Organisation describes this as healthy ageing– the capability to be and do what you have reason to worth.”.


Initially moneyed by the Scottish Government, this phase of the task is moneyed by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) rapid action to COVID-19 and is recruiting 1,000 individuals over 50 and who deal with physical activities such as climbing up stairs.

Professor Rowe included: “Our previous research shows if you do follow the guidance in the app you can avoid or enhance cognitive and physical decrease in later life, and if you have actually currently declined it is not permanent. There are individuals in their nineties who can do all the functional activities and individuals in their sixties who cant.”.

It suggests physical activities geared towards structure strength, balance, flexibility and endurance which can be integrated into daily life, without the need to visit a gym or usage expert equipment or clothes.

” Instead of making them a cup of tea or doing their shopping for them, they should instead support the individual to do it themselves or do it with them and maintain their practical independence.

The Strathclyde research study group can use participants recommendations and guidance on how to use the app and, in return, will look at the anonymous information to discover what assists people keep healthy and active.

There are also cost ramifications in regards to health and social care, the university lays out. For those at the top of the LifeCurve, a research study revealed their health care costs have to do with ₤ 3,200 a year. Whereas, at the middle of the app, it is around ₤ 6,800 and it is around ₤ 10,700 at the bottom.

” Its even more essential if you have one or more long term health conditions and we understand from previous work, the greater up the LifeCurve ™ you are, the much better lifestyle you have and the less healthcare you utilize.

Still Going Project Manager and Professor of Rehabilitation Science at Strathclyde Philip Rowe said: “Many people do not know they should be doing these things to protect their function, and its never too early or far too late to start. Its not about workout per se or about running a triathlon, its about being functionally independent– thats the essential difference.