VIDEO: Google invites users to test new app that helps people with atypical speech communicate easily

VIDEO: Google invites users to test new app that helps people with atypical speech communicate easily

The app might be used to help individuals with a large range of conditions that impact speech, including strokes, cerebral palsy, terrible brain injury or Parkinsons disease.

Task Relate revolves around 3 key functions: Listen, Repeat and Assistant.

Google has introduced a new Android app called Job Relate, which is developed to allow people with speech problems interact more quickly and assists them to be better comprehended by others.

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Users can also speak straight to their Google Assistant from the Project Relate app, so that they can take perform different jobs, such as turning on the lights or playing a song, with ease.

Google Assistant is Googles expert system (AI) software that enables users to perform tasks through voice commands. It features on Google Assistant-enabled devices like mobile phones, speakers, headphones and fridges for voice-activated control.

” Im used to the search individualss faces when they cant comprehend what Ive stated,” Aubrie stated. “Project Relate can make the difference in between a look of confusion and a friendly laugh of acknowledgment.” Since Aubrie deals with the marketing team that names brand-new products, she also assisted us name the app!

The Repeat function enables the user to reiterate what theyve said using a clear, synthesised voice. When users desire to speak a command to a clever house assistant device, Google states it hopes this feature can be particularly helpful in face-to-face conversation or.

Through the Listen feature, the app transcribes the users speech to text in real time, so they can copy-paste text into other apps, or let individuals read what the user wishes to inform them.

To develop its new app, Google worked closely with lots of people with speech problems, consisting of Aubrie Lee, a brand supervisor at Google, whose speech is impacted by muscular dystrophy.

Find out more about the app in the video below:


Project Relate is a continuation of years of research study from both Googles Speech and Research groups, enabled by over a million speech samples tape-recorded by participants of the businesss research effort.

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In current times, the technology giant introduced two brand-new tools that make it much easier for people with serious motor and speech disabilities to control their phone and interact using facial gestures: Camera Switches and Project Activate.

Testers will be asked to tape a set of phrases. The app will utilize these phrases to instantly discover how to much better comprehend unique speech patterns.

Google is presently searching for English-speaking testers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. To take part in screening Project Relate, people can register their interest here.

Now, Google is welcoming an initial group of individuals to test Project Relate to offer feedback, so that it can enhance the app and guarantee disabled individuals can more easily interact with others.