VIDEO: New film highlights the importance of physiotherapy support workers

VIDEO: New film highlights the importance of physiotherapy support workers

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has actually introduced a brand-new movie in coordination with Health Education England to showcase the valuable contribution of the physiotherapy support workforce to the profession.

It also deals with a few of the common myths about assistance functions and highlights the benefits of assistance worker recruitment and advancement.

Called Thinking Differently About Support Workers, the brief movie functions several support workers and their colleagues, and intends to promote the important role that support workers fulfil within treatment teams and the services that they provide to patients.

The movie shows physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals the benefits of having assistance employees in their groups, which consist of:

the opportunity to expand labor force and safely fulfill client needs
complimentary up physiotherapists to work with more complex clients
expand the skills base of groups by valuing support employees and motivating them to advance in their career and handle more obligation
adjust to the additional demands created by the pandemic

Watch the brief movie below:

The video also highlights the worth of physiotherapy support workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As the physiotherapy labor force, together with all other elements of health and social care, dealt with unprecedented demand, the movie says that utilizing physiotherapy support workers broad set of skills has been essential throughout the crisis.

” We encourage you to share the film and watch, and hope it will influence you to consider how you release your support labor force, obstacle assumptions about their ability and think about how you can support them to contribute more to patient care.”

This includes assistance workers going to clients houses during the pandemic to provide their rehabilitation, demonstrating their versatility and transferrable skills.

The general message is that by valuing assistance employee roles, capacity can be widened to fulfill demands and the occupation can advance its ambitions for the future of client care.

Notably, the film highlights that physiotherapy support workers have their own caseloads and see clients from triage. This includes seeing follow-up clients for rehabilitation classes on a one-to-one basis.

Claire Fordham, CSP Professional Adviser, stated: “The effect of the support labor force on patient care and service efficiency is unfortunately frequently overlooked and misinterpreted in labor force preparation so the movie aims to highlight the capability and skills of the physiotherapy support labor force.

In addition, when physiotherapy support employees are properly trained and have the ideal certifications to deliver the rehab and to establish a connection with patients, they comprise a crucial part of physiotherapy teams, the video emphasises.

By seeing their own clients, physiotherapy assistance employees totally free up higher band physio therapists time so that they can see the more intricate clients, which results in more clients being seen in a timelier style.