VIDEO: New powerful eye tracker for AAC can reliably work indoors and outdoors

VIDEO: New powerful eye tracker for AAC can reliably work indoors and outdoors

Established by assistive technology professional Smartbox in coordination with eye-tracking options developer Smart Eye technology, crucial functions of the effective eye tracker include responsive, accurate performance and a large track box that endures a large range of head motions and positions.

Lumin-i is a newly-launched, pioneering eye tracker for alternative and augmentative interaction (AAC) that is reliable and trustworthy both inside and outdoors.

Lumin-i likewise uses an unique anti-reflection mode to assist users who use corrective glasses with filters or finishings.

High-powered infrared emitters help with consistent and reliable eye tracking, even in bright conditions. Paired with an anti-glare finish on the Grid Pad Display, Lumin-i allows constant gaze gain access to in any environment, making it a versatile option for people with interaction disabilities.

Grid Pad makes it possible for users with speech or motor difficulties to communicate through a computer user interface, so they can actively take part in society and stay independent. It can be accessed in a range of methods, consisting of through eye look, touch, a switch or a tip.

According to Smartbox, Lumin-i is one of the finest eye-trackers available for outside usage.

Dougal Hawes, Managing Director of Smartbox, commented: “This collaboration with Smart Eye was born out of our desire to bring the worlds best eye tracking efficiency to our sector, providing individuals a highly precise eye tracker that will work both inside your home and outdoors.”

A custom built-in video camera unit has actually been produced for Lumin-i, turning Smartboxs Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15 communication aids for AAC users into dedicated and robust eye look gadgets.

You can watch the brief video below to get more information about Lumin-i: