VIDEO: Stylish and lightweight rollator launches to support active lifestyles

VIDEO: Stylish and lightweight rollator launches to support active lifestyles

This is an upgraded variation of the previous Rollz Flex model presented in 2016. When walking and is offered in more colours with a brand-new trendy shopping bag, the Rollz Flex 2 has softer tires for included comfort.

Rollz International has launched the Rollz Flex 2 rollator, which promises to use “unrivaled” comfort, stability and style for handicapped and elderly clients.

Built on customer feedback, the rollator supports an active lifestyle without needing to compromise, which is light-weight for walking and shopping.

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Richard Zwart, Commercial Director at Rollz, said: “We are pleased to announce the intro of the Rollz Flex 2, which has been enhanced to answer the clients feedback and demands and to also be in line with the market changes.

” Moreover, regardless of the production has a hard time worldwide due to the corona circumstance, we are proud to be able to have all the updates all set as planned. Now that pandemic limitations are being relieved, we can continue to fulfill our customers requirements to head out or prepare for their summertime vacations by offering a quality elegant product they can walk with conveniently and safely.”

See the Rollz Flex 2 in action below:

Richard continued: “This lightweight rollator with a shopping bag offers you confidence. It is a steady, safe, comfy, and quickly manoeuvrable walker that provides the assistance that fits your requirements. After being inside for so long in the last year, it is necessary to go out again and be active as moving is advantageous for both mind and body.”

The Rollz Flex 2 is online both now offered and in stores. Rollz rollators are dispersed in the UK by Rollz Mobility UK.

This newest mobility help is offered in 4 stylish colours: Pebble white, Matt black, Jungle dark and green purple. The walkers spacious shopping bag is made of a glamorous and strong fabric in the colour Smokey grey.


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The Rollz Flex 2 is geared up with foam-filled tyres that offer ideal cushioning, the company says, because the vibrations from the ground are better absorbed. They also have more grip and last longer.

” We have actually decided for a brand-new product for the shopping bag that can much better endure rain and is much easier to clean. Since it is more water resistant, the bag will be more last and long lasting as long as the rollator itself,” Richard highlighted.